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    Do you know how to cook the recipe of cauliflower pakodi or pakoda?

    For a change let our forum should discuss how to cook recipes I want to present how to cook a recipe of Cauliflower pakoda or pakodi it is used as a curry which you can eat in white rice or chapatis or it can be used as a snack item. For making this we need to have cauliflower, Gram flour(senga pindi in Telugu) , and take little quantity of rice flour(not mandatory), we need water(neeru in Telugu), salt(vuppu in Telugu) , chilli powder(karram in Telugu). If you take a glass of gram flour , 1/4 glass of water to mix with in the gram flour, add salt and chilli powder (quantity it required). Take Gram flour mix with small quantity of white flour and pour water in it then add salt and chilli powder after that take cauliflower separate whitecurd into single flower pieces and mix it in Gram flour after that boil the oil for 5 minutes and put a group of seperated white pieces at a time in that boil oil and take out after they turn their color into yellow that's it. Cauliflower pakodi is over , collect into dish and eat as a curry in your food or a snack item with sauce it gives you a good taste. If you have any special food item if you know how to cook it please discuss here.
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    Yes I know how to prepare cauliflower pakodi which is the favorite snack for me and also liked by my family. But care must be taken that cauliflowers have hidden insects and that must be cleared before making recipe.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Pakoda or pakori is a very popular snack item in north India especially during monsoons, the ongoing season. Perhaps the crispiness and crunchiness of pakodas compensate for the softening effect on cookies and other munchies due to moist and humid atmosphere during monsoons. The most common pakodas prepared during the season are onion, potato, eggplant, paneer, cauliflower and chilly pakodas. It is served hot direct from the frying pan to treat the guests.
    I particularly relish 'noon baria' an specialty pakodi of eastern Uttar Pradesh which is made of wheat flour, salt, and tiny bits of potato or onions.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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