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    The infamous Snapchat controversy

    On the sixth of February this year,Indian stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhatt, co-founder of comedy sketch group AIB, called for unwanted trouble when he posted a video on YouTube where he used Snapchat to swap faces with famous personalities Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. Tanmay Bhatt used profane speech in the video where he talked nonsense, hurling insults at each of the characters and trying to get a dig at them.
    It created outrage for its content and disrespect for these famous personalities who are idolised by many Indians and called for criminal proceedings against the comedian.However,he remained unfazed and unapologetic quoting that it was his style of humour and was just a joke and nothing personal.These two personalities remained silent on the issue and stayed composed till it died down.To what extent should comedians or in general any person be allowed to cross their limits while using such apps and content?Should they be banned from social media or left with warnings in real life?
    Ia it justified to take them to court and tried like normal criminals in case they do it unintentionally?
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    Tanmay Bhatt did it intentionally to get some low-grade publicity. He should be punished by the admirers/fans of Tendulkar and Lata, not by the Court. I feel that without dragging the comedian to the Court, a peaceful and non-violent informal ban (say for one year) by the fans would teach the silly comedian a more effective lesson.
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    Earlier the celebrities and public personalities used to be criticized through cartoons and caricatures. We have seen cartoons of R. K. Laxman who was an humorist and cartoonist par excellence. Nowadays after advent of internet and computer technology, it has become possible to create video cartoons. However the cartoonists or comedians should not be allowed to cross the 'Laxman Rekha'.
    In many stand up comedy shows also on the television, we sometimes come across few half baked comedians portraying the public figures vaguely and indecently.

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