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    Do you support FDI's in all sectors?

    India is a mixed economy as Foriegn Direct Investment (FDI) in all sectors means the foreign countries will invest money to improve or renovate the public sectors like railways,defense e.t.c. and agricultural as if you allow Foreign Direct investment all the public and private sectors where they can order how many people should be employed or what will be the size of the organization and they control each and every thing by foreigners. United states showing a keen interest to invest in India and there is a murmur from different parts of the world that United States want to spread out their business in India in all sectors through FDI's and Indian government accepted it that is why they are voting in favor of India in NSG. Knowledgeable members can respond to this question.
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    The whole world revolves around money only. All nations are merchants. All international cooperation, treaties and agreements are meant to promote trade only. The India is a big market as it has large population. Consumer products are to be manufactured by the developed countries at lower costs having advanced technology and sold in the developing countries at higher cost to earn profit. India's concern is to encourage the MNC giants to open manufacturing facilities in India and thus generate local employment. However the MNCs will not come forward as charity organizations for feeding the local populace. Such merchants will come forward only when there is scope to earn adequately. India has either the option of to let the country sail at its own pace or infuse FDI to boost its economy. Modi's personal target may be at least one more tenure as the Prime Minister of India , if not to break the record of 18 long years of Prime Ministership of Jawahar Lal Nehru.
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