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    No permission sought when we were born then why we need permission to die

    This is not my observation but a plight of a mother whose lone child of just 8 months old have a peculiar problem known as congenial liver problem due to the problem child could not sleep for sheer pain crying round the clock this resulted in sleepless days for her parents.

    Parents already exhausted and running out of resources do not have enough money to spend nor getting any help from anybody, doctors opined it requires not less than 50 lakhs for complete liver transportation further child has to be on medication for not less than 5-6 years after transplantation.

    Parents approached lower court for grant of mercy killing or passive euthanasia permission but court duly transferred the case to the High Court, Hyderabad due to jurisdictional problem, however few lawyers mobilized an amount of Rs.5000 handed it over to the parents of the ailing child.

    Who is going to help this child which needs a huge sum of Rs.50 lakhs for transplantation, till then it has to survive in this deadly condition, why the locals have not helped this child by approaching the authorities to seek help

    The child and its parents live at tiny house near Bathalapuram railway gate in Nuthalacheruvu, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh
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    In liver transplantation like cases, there is no guarantee that the operation will be 100% successful. There are many unfortunate cases when despite all possible efforts made by the medical experts, such complicated operations fail, though that doesn't men that the efforts should not be made. As far as considering such cases on humanitarian ground is concerned, unfortunately there are many such tragic cases all over the world. The local leaders like local MLA/MP etc. who are people's representative in the area should come forward in helping to salvage the situation. It is pity that the local lawyers could collect only Rs. 5000.
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    Euthanasia is a hotly-debated issue all over the world. The people who oppose euthanasia opine that it is not required because of the advancement of medical science. The further state that sometime inexplicable events happen and even the patient can survive at the last stage. On the other hand, the supporters say that when the doctors conclude that the patient would remain 'vegetable' for the entire life, it is inhuman to force him/her to survive in miserable condition. Both the groups have logic in their arguments.
    Euthanasia is allowed in some countries (with strict conditions) and is not allowed in most of the countries.

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    The bitter fact of the judiciary system is that it is meant to rule by suppressing the masses. If someone did something wrong to you, the court is to be approached as they are the best people who can decide what's good and what's bad. Really ? I mean are they superior humans? No. Its just about keeping control.
    Ok, back to the topic. Yes, mercy killing should be permissible but it is never going to happen and this is the case of a little child the court is not going to give the decision.
    Liver transplant, is not a very successful thing, big organs like livers and hearts tend to reject the body after sometime of good operation too.

    As cruel as it may sound. The parents should somehow take a discharge and the rest I am not able to pen down.

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    Passive euthanasia has been made legal in India through the landmark judgement of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the case related to Aruna Shanbaug. A person may be allowed to die if he is either brain-dead or is in a persistent vegetative state.

    The case cited by the author is quite different and does not fall within the guidelines set by the apex court and is capable of opening up another serious discussion on the issue. But it is not so easy as we conceive due to the complexities involved. I am of the opinion that we need to constitute a special board, consisting of members from different facets of life including experts, who should be empowered to process applications and decide on whether a person can be allowed to die.

    It might sound a bit cruel but the child in question will ultimately succumb to death if proper treatment is not provided and that does amount to passive euthanasia. We do sympathize with such cases but are actually helpless because a few thousands is not going to help and a transplantation as such need not be successful considering the age of the child.

    Gurjant @568757, please correct your notion about the judiciary. Members who man the judicial system are not acting upon their whims and fancies but are guided by established law of the land. It is not a question of being superior or otherwise; it is a matter of law and prudence.

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    Good post from the number one member of this site. There is a strong reason for that. When we are born and being nurtured, and then taking to best education, made as the good citizen, taking to best jobs and leading a contented life. All these goes through a process and for which we are woven with the family and friends and even relatives. Now for getting born we need not take permission because , our past behavior or impression were not known. But when we are seeking permission to die, that bothers many people near us because we are living a legacy and some past memories which would bother others if sudden permission for killing self is sought ?
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    The real owner only has the right to dispose what he possesses. Even then there is no absolute freedom of destruction and disposal. Can you throw the rubbish and waste you have in your home on the road or in nearby plot? You are the real owner- even maker ,so you want unrestricted freedom to destruct and dispose that? Who is the real owner of our life?

    Here even the parents are not the owner of the life of the child. They were just instrumental in making it, like the many other workers who make a motor car or aeroplane. Can they ask the right to destroy the plane they made?

    Even if the parents were instrumental for the birth of the child, they do not possess the absolute ownership of the child. Why? even when some parents suggest a partner for marriage for their child people talk about youth's rights. So how can a greater annihilation right be given to the parents? Who knows what is the choice and feeling of the child? Can we take arbitrary rights and actions?

    Please remember, even one himself or herself does not have right to take one's life-though modern social law has made it very dilute. That is because even oneself also does not on one's life. Life is not reconstruct able, There never is a chance to atone and re bring it. That is why even death sentences are given at the very very rarest of cases when the one life if left free is a risk to many many lives.

    It is the responsibility of the society to help the parents to sustained child. That is what is needed. Let the government or each of us be directed to contribute its sustenance. If not compiled we the fellow humans should be punished.

    More philosophically speaking, it is due to the sin of the parents or the life in its previous birth that such sufferings happen in this life. If one more grave sin is committed in this birth, again the life and the lives of the parents will take rebirth and have more sever sufferings.

    Let the society(which includes you and me) help the parents to sustain the child in the most comfortable possible way. Let there be palliative care if no cure is available. There may arrive a sure cure in the near future.

    To take life-whether one's own or others is not legal, and a sin in religious and human terms. f

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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