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    Is it true that relationships once turned sour cannot be restored back as they were originally?

    We interact with innumerable individuals in our life. With few of them we develop relationships of varying degrees. Such relationships are other than those which are of permanent nature like family relationships including relatives. Friends also come to this category though it depends on the degree of friendship.
    It is said that relationships once turned sour cannot be restored back to its original form. Is it true? But we find that in many cases, the misunderstandings etc. are forgotten after meeting again after a very long period and the relationships are restored.
    Let us share our experiences in this regard.
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    The relationship once turned sour can never be the same again. Even though there is a patch up, the relationship between two persons looks normal from outside but not so in the inner feelings. The differences linger on in the inside and can be forgiven but not forgotten.
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    In my opinion, soured relationship can be restored only if the person who was guilty (in earlier occasion) admits his/her mistake and the wronged person is magnanimous enough to pardon the other person. But it is easier said than done! The guilty never admits his/her mistake. The wronged person generally never pardons. So, the relationship remains sour forever.
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    I am not entirely sure of it. I've had some sour relationships, some were again converted to good friendships and some were not. I am not entirely sure what was the real cause behind the successful ones but I know the reasons for what the relationships turned sour, as this experience gave me a lot of experience, hence it helps me to maintain new relationships.

    I am sure of one thing that if the person in front of you doesn't like you internally there is no way or no power in the universe that can change that or make your relationship good in any way. I've had a friend who used to be my best buddy for 4 years and then one day suddenly he stopped being it. I do not even know the reason for it neither do I wish to as it might hurt my confidence of making new friends. I am good as making new friends and good at being friends too, but sometimes there is this sudden touch of dark which you cannot sense and it keeps growing which cause the relationship to break from one side.

    Relationships can be restored, trust me I've done that, atleast in male members of society it can be( according to me experience ) I am not sure about female counterparts as women never forgets and forgive rarely.

    Pardon me for my cruel quote up there, but that is how I would like to put it.

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