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    The underlying social message of the movie 'Udta Punjab'.

    Last week I watched the movie 'Udta Punjab' in my neighborhood multiplex. Generally I never go to watch movies, but the controversy /ruckus created by the media about 'Udta Punjab' motivated me to go out.
    The film had a strong message about the drug abusers and drug peddlers. The cops were also exposed as being a party to the overall racket. I was not aware about the extent of penetration of drug abuse in the state of Punjab. In think similar may be the case in other states of India also.
    The acting of principle characters Shahid Kapoor as Tommy Singh/Gabru, Kareena Kapoor as Dr. Preet Sahni and Alia Bhatt as an unnamed Bihari migrant was superb.
    Have you watched the said movie? Do it mean anything to you?
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    As a matter of fact I live in Punjab. And I see it Udta (Flying) almost everyday. Well atleast the cops part in my part of the town. Where I live there is not much drugs as this is a city but I see police abuses all day.
    Infact if you ever travel to Punjab, don't be scared of people trying to loot you or something be afraid of the police atleast that is what we all living in Punjab and surrounding areas are doing.

    The drug problem shown in the movie has not even scratched the surface of the real issue. The movie just showed that some political leaders do it for votes and should be apprehended or stopped and can be stopped by election commission but this is not correct.
    Everybody, even infants in Punjab knows who is behind the drug problem, its the deputy chief minister's brother in law " Bikramjit singh Majithia " who is the finance minister of Punjab I think. Even the Deputy chief minister " Sukhbir badal " or " Dukhbir badal ( as people like to put it " has been observed HIGH on drugs almost all the time when he is giving speeches or on media.
    Its state run drug factory here and police apprehend people who report it. People in India don't have any Idea about Punjab police. The police here is the No. 1 abuser of Human rights in the country.
    There are machines in police stations which were operated during 1986 - 93, to burn bodies turn them into ashes without court orders by the police.
    Innocent teenagers playing or working in fields were taken into custody without any reason and then asked for ransom by the police from their families, if not able to pay they were burned consciously sometimes and then ashes delivered to their homes, next day in the news paper " A terrorist encounter " article used to be published. This all happened under the reign of " Beant Singh " the then chief minister of Punjab who was assassinated because of this, after his assasination this all stopped but the powers were never taken away from police.

    Till date police abuse people on daily basis. And the drug problem in Punjab.
    My ancestral home is near the border. I can tell you exactly how the drugs enter Punjab.
    DRUGS ENTER PUNJAB NOT FROM BORDERS but in CRPF and BSF trucks. Yes, shocked! I know. I cannot share the reason of this kind of things being done by the center government as both these forces fall under center control but both Punjab and Haryana is effected by it. Drugs actually is traded across borders in Rajasthan and not in Punjab.

    That is all I want to say. Thankyou.

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