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    Why should David Cameron resign?

    Through Brexit, Britain people gave shock to the world by exiting out of European Union. There is a demand now that Prime Minister David Cameron should resign. But some MPs from the ruling and opposition parties supported Brexit and some opposed it. Even if the Prime Minister opposed Brexit, why should he resign when he has a clear mandate in Parliament and he is not a directly elected Prime Minister?
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    In my opinion, Cameron is not required to resign due to 'Brexit' crisis, which, in any case, would be over in six moths or so.

    All over the world, the share markets are going down rapidly due to 'Brexit'. In India, both Sensex and Nifty have suffered a loss of more than 3.7% as of now. the condition of European share market is much worse.

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    I also think that David Cameron should not resign because leaving European union is a people's decision.

    Markets all over the world are suffering but based on the investment by the Indians in the British market, India will not have to suffer for long.

    Tough road ahead for Britain as now they will not get any benefit from the European union.
    Remember in 2014 when voting was held in Scotland whether to be an independent country or to remain in united kingdom ? Then also there were talks about that if Scotland votes to leave united kingdom then PM Cameron has to resign.

    He is a good prime minister and i don't think he will made to resign.

    Its a great discussion

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    The British Prime Minister David Cameron resigned on his own . He staunchly believed that staying in European Union is good for the country. As the "Brexit" results showed that majority of the British people wanted to leave the European Union, The British Prime Minister felt that new leadership is required ans resigned. He will be staying up to October.
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    To be on the same page, I really did not understood a single word about British politics you wrote up there but I know one thing for a reason that David cameron should resign.

    His stand on international terrorism, has effected the British economy a lot. His response to it was not supported by the masses of Britain yet he went up and took it for the sake of international relationships which are not really good at the point with any country to any country.
    I personally feel that David Cameron tried to mimic american congress on this issue trying to be a sensation in the world, but should have seen whether their finances support it or not unlike USA which does give a single dime's care about its citizens British government should have atleast given it a thought.

    Or maybe he was just being another pawn in the bigger game like USA is.

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    I think the resignation of David Cameron is morally correct because Brexit and the decision to conduct a referendum was a politically motivated move to keep up the chances of another win for Cameron in the next election since his popularity was otherwise showing a downward graph. His advisers wanted him to do something to activate the political minds of the people; a strategy which appears to have backfired.
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