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    Forum query on name change

    I would like share some information regarding name change , name can be changed by following procedure.
    1. An affidavit stating the new name that he wants to replace with old name.
    2. Publication through news paper.
    These two things are very important to follow for name changing officially.

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    The reason for change of name is also required to be given. Under certain circumstances, name cannot be changed e.g. -
    1. Just to escape from debt liability or a criminal liability.
    2. For committing a crime.
    3. To adopt the name of a famous person to mislead others. Courts generally don't allow such names until and unless there are convincing reasons that the proposed new name has nothing to do with the famous person.
    4. Confusing name like a password consisting of numerals and special characters. 'Seven' as a name may be accepted but not '7'.
    5. Names suggesting racial slur or the names which are likely to intimidate, offend, or be considered as obscene.
    The most common reasons of people changing their names are -marriage, divorce, astrological/numerological considerations etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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