Are you aware that Earth's magnetic Poles are Shifting ?

I am not entirely sure that Indian people are aware of the fact that our Planet Earth's Magnetic Poles i.e. North pole and South poles has shifted or shifting. This is a completely natural phenomena or as the scientists like to put it.

There are also some theories among scientist that this sudden change in temperatures and phenomenal change in climate across world, the type no one has ever seen and frequent occurring of earthquakes and tsunamis are also caused due to this.
It is actually called Pole flipping, every few million years earths pole flips, which happened during the last Ice Age, the north goes to south and the south comes to North.

This pole Flipping brings a lot of Destruction, coastal areas are definitely going to get effected.

So. Were you aware of this fact ? Do you believe it ? Do you believe the current state is just a shift in pole and not the occasional pole flipping ? Please write your comments, correct me if I am wrong anywhere. Its just a discussion.