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    Why have all daily soap Opera's turned to Paranormal stories.

    I don't watch daily soaps but my mother does. But sometimes when I am in the room or passing by I tend to look at what is going on and I see is all saints and demons and Gods. If I recall the daily soaps from my childhood they were more focused on homes and feuds between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the family but now it all has changed to Baba's (Saints), yogis and magic chants like snake god and many more. I know most people can relate here.

    What I mean to say is that atleast daily soaps used to be secular in our country and now they seem to be promoting religion despite knowing all kinds of people watch them.

    So why has this happened ? Is it because of some new government policy ? Or did the people just suddenly liked this change ( I don't comply by it ) .

    Kindly share your views. Please keep in mind, this is just a discussion.
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    There are about 1800 permitted private television channels in India. The number of the Government channels are about 190. There are a number of television channels which telecast programs in almost all major regional languages like Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malyalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Punjabi, Urdu etc. in addition to many channels which telecast programs in Hindi and English language. Thus it cannot be generalized that the television channels telecast programs related to 'babas' only. People have a lot of choice and can opt for watching programs of their preference. There are many sports channels, music channels, movies channels, kids channels, news channels, business program channels, food/travel/lifestyle channels in addition to many religious channels like Aastha, Sanskar, Satsang and Adhyatam etc.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This is a really old excuse and a good one to get away. "People have a choice and can do whatever they want" but do people really have a choice ?

    Lets be straightforward we all are aware that ladies watch only a selected few TV channels and their programs I can name them all ( But why do free publicity ) so there are only 6 or 7 selected TV channels that are watched at almost 70% (roughtestimate) households atleast I can tell in North-India.
    And all these channels have same kind of stuff to show.

    Also my question was not about choice, it was about what is really happening, why the sudden change ?

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    Tele serials are based upon a script, and script comes from the mind of writer, so there can come any thing, either a family story, love affairs, comedy, action or suspense. And according to the script they create the character and that might be co-incidence of Babas which you ahev taken as granted.
    You can see 100 of serials and in every serial there is no same story or character.
    And yes some time due to any big issue, or people are having willing to know about Baba, same time there might be number of serials with same character stories.

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    The producers and directors of daily serials feels that house holds cannot watch off the beat stories and hence every serial is woven on daily happenings in our life and that is liked by many and thus they earn money too. As far as religious serials are concerned, each director has his own perception as they select such books which are variant in story telling of old religious matters and thus we find different. In the latest Siya ke Ram serial it is being portrayed that Sita knows and very confident about some emissary coming to her and saying about Rams invade to Lanka. But actually what I was reading all these years was that she was always under close full watch of Ravans Rakshas and she has been tortured to believe that Ram is dead. He even brings replica of Ram's torso so that Sita would believe and that would set right for his marriage with her. But here nothing like that sort is shown and Sita seems to be happy in captivity.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    These serials tend to effect people's mentality more than they answer general fact's or show day to day drama that is happening in the real world.

    Like news channels have changed our lives, earlier nobody cared about ministers and now all want to die for them. Similarly, these serials have an affect on the masses too.
    There are many crimes and most I guess that are being commited by learning from these serials.

    It is said that " Our body is an product of what we eat" similarly : Our mind is also a product of what we perceive"

    Isn't it possible that somehow these serials are being used to change the mentality of the general masses, I mean towards something I am not entirely sure which thing neither would I like to point something.
    But it can be a possibility considering the drastic change we see today.

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