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    What is the average time period of getting reviewed of an article posted?

    I wanted to know, what is the normal time period in which a newly submitted article will get reviewed and get ir either approved or need some modification>?Actually I am a new member here, and I have posted an article 7 days back, it has not been yet reviewed, does i take a week or more, or less?
    SO that I can wait with patience until it get reviewed.
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    Swagatika, we do understand your anxiety but let me tell you that though our endeavor is to review articles at the earliest possible, it is not practical to give a fixed time frame due to different reasons including number of articles submitted during a particular period, schedule of editors etc. Moreover, editors do take a bit more time while reviewing articles submitted by new members because they have to check up various points to ensure that the submission is as per our guidelines.

    In case your article needs some corrections or improvement, you will be notified about the same after sending the article to pending status. Once you abide by the instructions and resubmit the article, the same will go to the new submission list again for further review which will be done in due course.

    For convenience sake, let us put the maximum time taken for review as a week which may be extended in case of newbies or where the article is on a technical topic.

    We can check it up if you give the URL of your article in a response here.

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    It depends on many factors. Recently during the 'study abroad' contest there was overwhelming response from the members and therefore it took longer time because of long queue of articles. Also when the editors are on leave etc. , it takes comparatively longer time.
    When I was in the learning phase, it used to take longer time, but nowadays sometimes my articles are approved within a day or two.
    During the initial phase, generally it takes longer time because editors have to teach also the authors by offering suggestions and advice for improvements/ value additions etc.
    Once an author learns and establish a reputation, then it takes much less time.
    Thus the time involved in approval/review of the articles vary depending on so many factors involved. The average time may be anything between 2 days to up to 10 days depending upon the prevailing circumstances.

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    @ Saji Ganesh and Kailash ji, I did not udnerstand teh meaning of articles posted by newbies take several days to get approval, but my article is not yet been reviewed, at least I should get a comment whether it is ok, or it need some improvement.
    Can you describe why it take a longer period to reviewed? Although I can understand if there is modification or rectification needed that might take longer period, but my question was it has not yet been reviewed.
    But I understand as Editors are busy for study abroad article, it is getting late, then no issue, but I was anxious to know whether my writing quality is enough to get eligible as an author or not? Thats why I asked this question.

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    Generally for new Members, the approval is given after very careful scrutiny. So, approval of articles from new Members takes comparatively more time than the articles written by experienced Members. However, the approval/rejection/suggestion for improvement is conveyed within seven to ten days.
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    Swagatika - I will share my personal understanding of the issue, though only editors will be able to offer official comments.
    Articles are to be evaluated not only from the quality of language i.e. grammar, vocabulary, spellings etc. point of view, but also from the angle of SEO, aesthetics of the use of HTML tags etc. The selection of topic is very crucial factor from SEO angle. Many authors write repeatedly on certain oft repeated subject matters.
    It requires more time on the part of the editors to review new author's article. More often than not, the new author who are otherwise not proficient in inserting HTML tags, receive suggestions regarding some HTML issues. I am presuming that in your case copyright issues are not involved and you have authored an original article in your own language.
    In my opinion you should give url of your article as a response on this thread as suggested by the Lead Editor Saji Ganesh in his response #568765 to enable him to check up the matter and then wait for his response instead of lengthening the discussion.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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