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    Calculation of cash credits for each contribution

    Could you please let me know his do ISC calculates cash credits of each contribution performed by member.
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    All the contributions of members are not eligible for cash awards. Cash credits are allotted to forum thread/ responses which are considered worthy. Answers in Ask Expert section are reviewed by editors and cash credit may be awarded as per merits. Again articles/ responses are also given cash credits according to quality after due review. You may get cash credits for participating and winning in different contests/ GD that is announced from time to time. There is no direct connection between points and cash.
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    (Lead Editor Saji's response came while I was typing the content)
    Editors evaluate the contents posted in various sections and assign cash credits as per their judgement. Since quality factor is to be evaluated, there cannot be any pre-disclosed parameters as quality cannot be quantified. There are certain type of contents e.g. for posting a question in the 'ask expert' section, cash credits are not assigned though in respect of posting quality answers, cash credits are awarded. As far as forum section is concerned, cash credits are assigned by the editors in respect of outstanding contents - be it a forum thread or a thread response.
    Maximum cash credits in one go can be earned by posting quality articles. I have earned maximum 90 cash credits in respect of one of my articles so far. But there are cases where even more cash credits were assigned in respect of articles of exceptional quality.

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