I am the biggest mango of India: Exhibit number 12 of Rajkot Krishi Mela

(This entry wins the joint first prize for the 'Me, a mango' creative writing contest)

You have seen me in the Rajkot Krishi Mela. You have clicked my photos. Even some of you have clicked selfies with me. One of your leaders gave my proud owner a gold medal for me. But do you want to listen to my complete story? Let me talk about myself.

I am the largest Fazli Mango of the garden of my proud owner. The garden is located at English Bazar Police Station under the district of Malda of West Bengal. All my brothers and sisters are very big in size, but I am the biggest. My weight is 1.8 kilogram and length is 21 centimeter, The circumference has been measured as 42 centimeter and width has been 12.6 centimeter. Gigantic, isn't it? Although I know that my cousins of Florida Keitt variety are the heaviest in the world, but within India I am the biggest. That is the reason my proud owner has received the gold medal for me in the Mela.

Now let me take you back to my birth place, to the beautiful garden at English Bazar Police Station. The district of Malda is famous for Fazli mangoes while its neighbouring Murshidabad district is famous for Gulabkhas and Kishenbhog mangoes. There is always hot debate among the fans of these categories, but the debate is still inconclusive. The mango tree where I was born is approximately 20 years old. You won't believe how much pampering it receives from the owner! Special food for this tree (fertilizer) comes from various agricultural research institutes. Special type of sprinkler was purchased for watering the tree. A special guard has been posted only for this particular tree to see that nobody touches the unripe mangoes. When I was born along with my brothers and sisters, an agricultural scientist came to inspect the tree, all of us (fruits) and advise our owner for our proper nurturing. It was decided at that stage itself that one of my brothers and sisters will be taken to the Rajkot Krishi Mela for exhibition. So, since my childhood I am habituated to extreme pampering.

Needless to mention that with special food and treatment given to the particular mango tree, all of us became very strong, very heavy and extremely beautiful to look at. As I was the heaviest among my brothers and sisters, I was chosen to participate in the Krishi Mela. I was plucked from the tree after lots of discussion, preserved tenderly with very special preservatives. And then, on one fine morning, my owner boarded the train for Rajkot with me in a special basket. The next phase of my life as Exhibit number 12 at the Shastri Maidan of Rajkot town (the venue of the Mela) will be remembered forever by me and also by my owner.

Now, the Mela is over. I have started thinking about my fate. The gold medal has been awarded, photos and selfies have been clicked. Now, what would happen to me? My owner will not allow anybody to relish me, nor would he sell me. My looks and size have been appreciated by all, but what about my taste? Nobody would be able to taste me. Nobody would compliment me for the taste. And then the terrible day will come! When the effect of the preservatives would be over, I will be thrown in the dustbin.

This would be the ultimate fate of this gold medal-winning mango!

(Competition entry)