Adventures of Bob(mango)

My name is Bob. Now i am sitting in the bench of a fruit stall. Here i have many friends.
mango1: Hello Bob, What are you thinking about?
Bob: Nothing. I am thinking about my story.
Mango1: oh, that's nice. We all want to know your story. Let start. Friends, i am grew up in this village. My parent is very tall. So i think no one can easily caught me and my family. I only know about the things from my age 3 weeks. That time it is a happy and pleasant atmosphere. The day with full time music of birds, squirrels and other living beings. The elder members in their families will go for making food and they come back only in evening. So we all are very happy. In the night my mother will told stories to everyone. After all, my mother also go to sleep. There is a shadow tree near my place. Some of the children in the village will come on there for playing. They all will try for caught me and my family. But they all become fail. Because we are in high. But it is good to seeing their hard work for caught we. I am not interest in getting sunlight on my body. But my mom said that sun lights are giving taste to us. So i am avoid that bad habit. In the wind i am afraid to fall. But my mom is strongly hold me. In the raining i will bath for long time. So me is beautiful in my family. My best friend is a small squirrel. He always comes to me for make me happy. He will tell the whole day incidents to me. One day he said that, some peoples are plucking mangoes from the tree in road side and taking to vehicles. And he said that their next target is my house. I am afraid, mom said that they will take the whole mango from here. In previous year, they also did it. But i make plans for escaping. Next day i wake up early and wait for their arrival. About an 8'o clock, i seen that some peoples are coming with ladders and nets. From that one person is clamped to my mother and coming to top. He plucked others and they are falling to nets. When he try to pluck me, i am slightly loose and slips from his hand. But i am fall to other mans head and fall to net. I am failed to escape, But happy to giving a beat to that man. They are put me and whole family in to basket and placed in a vehicle. That time i see that my friend little squirrel is crying. They closed the basket, and now i am here with you friends. Those humans separate me from others and placed me here. "Let's have a sleep friends".
Now it is the second morning of me in this stall. I am seems to be ripe. I seen that the boy played in shadow tree is coming. He brought some mango and the owner put me also in his cover. He is going towards the shadow tree. There is some children under the tree and one of them takes me. Now he is eating my body and now i am appear like a bad figure. He throw me to air and i fall on a muddy land. I am look around, i am surprised by seeing that there is my mother. He is looking alone without my family. At last i got my mom. Now i am waiting for a rain to grow and become like my mother.