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    Can we live in this society without disclosing our religion to friends and neighbors?

    Do you think we can live in this society if we do not disclose our religion? Suppose I stay in a colony where I never participate in either Ganesh puja, Deewali, Id or Christmas, do you think people will love to be with me or will they doubt me about my religion. Do you think society will accept us without any religion? Is it easy to live without any religion in this world? Or do you think that in this modern world no body care about our religion and will be friendly with us without knowing our religion even if they do not have any personal benefit from me.
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    The present generation, except fanatics, do not much bother about the religion of the others. We can live in this society without disclosing our religion. One can stay away from all the religious functions of all religions and stay happily in the society.
    Religion is a personal matter. Whatever religion you practice or for that matter do not practice, no one is going to bother about it as long as one does not poke their nose into others religious beliefs. We can certainly live in this society happily without being religious.

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    According to reports about 10% or more people in the world are atheists i.e. they don't believe in existence of deities. As far acceptance or rejection by the people in the locality is concerned that largely depends on the place where one lives. In cities like Mumbai nobody bothers even about his/her next door neighbor whereas in smaller towns, the neighbors always try to peep into one's personal life.
    The cat comes out of the bag after the demise of the individual when the last rites are performed according to the religious beliefs of the individual. Nowadays many inter religion marriages are taking place. I think in such cases the partners profess their respective religions and some sort of neutrality to the dogmatic religious beliefs develops.
    Generally the religion is revealed by the name of the individuals.
    Also people don't mind much about non-participation in religious functions in the neighborhood provided they pay their contributions collected by enthusiastic individuals for organizing religious functions.

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    I'd like to be your friend without knowing your religion. I grew up in such a environment that religions never mattered and almost all people in my city ( the most peaceful one ) are like that. Religion never bothered me nor my parents.
    Since childhood I had all kinds of friends Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jains and atheists too. I never had any problem nor did they with anyone based on religion.

    I don't think people will have any problem with you because you don't come to any religious ceremony in your area, well some aunty's might but that's normal. Although people will definitely have problem if you are not social enough.
    These ceremonies are less religious and more of a social event, so if you want a good relationship with everyone try'n go to some.

    Yes society will accept you without religion. And I personally do not feel about religion as a burden. But if you do, then who is forcing you?

    Religion was supposed to be a moral factor in lives, I mean day to day life. Like in Christianity there are ten commandments, and if you ever read them you'll say yea that's a good write. Its like don't lie and don't murder I mean all the good things.
    Animals don't have any religion, and they're going good right ? I mean are they ?

    This has been an active discussion among scholars that if religion didn't existed would people have made moral values or not. So Its an active discussion.
    Giving it a thought before the great flood as in bible, it came because people became wicked, those without religion. But that can be a story made by the church. Who knows ?

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    Yes I think we can live in this society without disclosing what religion we were born into or which religion we choose to practice. The number of atheists is increasing by the day and even in general, most people are not too religious these days except in some areas. However, these are people who don't follow religions so the question of revealing or hiding it doesn't come into the picture.
    Regarding the example you gave about festival celebrations in a colony, I would agree with Gypsy that these are meant more as social event than a personal religious event. In case of most colonies, festival celebrations are attended by all irrespective of their religion. In case you don't like to attend them, people would simply assume you are a bit anti-social rather than thinking that they don't know your religion.
    Is it easy to live without religion in this world? I think majority of us do live without religion only. How many people truly follow all principles of their religion? We usually pick and choose which principals are easy for us to follow and which aren't.
    I think our interaction with God is our personal matter, and it shouldn't and for most people it doesn't affect how we choose our friends. Similarly most people don't care about the religion of the person in front before befriending them, they care more about attributes such as similarity in thought process, understanding and compatibility.


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    Participating in Pujas, Christmas or attending Iftar parties is socially significant. This does not signify that you are a religious person. In West Bengal, established atheists visit Durga Puja celebrations and attend Iftar parties with 'topis'. This is being done to establish contacts with common people.
    If you don't take part in community Pujas, you may be branded as 'unsocial' and you won't be able to expect help from neighbours in need, but I feel that it would not have any effect on your religious identity.

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    There is a saying that where ever you stay, you must mingle with the crowd and their celebrations so that oneness and close rapport can be expected. If you are not participating in Ganesh utsav, Deepavali, EID festivities or Christmas, then people would doubt about your religion and faith. There is no compulsion for any one to join or embrace a particular religion, but when a crowd participates in such festivities, it is better to have every ones participation irrespective of religion. It is is said that actor Salman Khan participates in Ganesh festivities and also offers prayers on EID. So inclusive participation in all festivities will enhance our prestige.
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