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    Why do Members write answers anonymously?

    I regularly go through the questions and answers in 'Ask Expert' section. Sometime, I also furnish my replies or ask questions. During my journey in ISC, I have noted that some of the best answers are written by 'Anonymous' Member(s). These answers are, no doubt, best answers.

    I would like to know, why some Members chose to write answers anonymously, particularly when these answers are qualitatively excellent? What benefits can we get if answers are written anonymously? So far as questions are concerned, it can be accepted that uncomfortable questions are asked anonymously, but why anonymous replies?

    Knowledgeable Members may kindly reply.
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    Since the ask expert section is open for all for posting questions as well as answers, many new members also dabble in the same perhaps from revenue earning point of view after coming to know that posting contents in the articles and ask expert sections fetches revenue. Therefore sometimes the quality of answers posted in the ask expert section is very poor.
    I think one section of anonymous super experts posting very good answers may be the known personalities e.g. the editors of the ISC who don't want to reveal recurring appearance of their names. Of course this is my wild guess only and I may be wrong.
    Many members post questions and themselves reply the same. Such members may also be posting answers anonymously. Though it was clarified by ME sometime back that the members can reply their own questions also, but I never reply my own questions.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This is quite a new information for me! A Member answering his/her own question anonymously!
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    The members who are having doubts over their responses in the ask experts section might have felt that their responses may be rejected and in that case posting is anonymous could have been preferred.
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    As per my comic analysis: (a) they like the feature; (b) think that since there is such a feature, why not use it; (c) want to be anonymous so that members do not know who they are & thus cannot send them messages to trouble them for further help; (d) they are just wanting to do something odd which they don't normally do.

    Of course, on a serious note, it is likely that they are genuinely wanting to remain anonymous for some very personal reasons.

    Managing Editor,

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    But do such Members get points credit and cash credit for their anonymous answers (as well as questions)?
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    I think only registered members can post either questions or answers. Therefore even if on public domain 'anonymous' status is appearing, full particulars of the member concerned is available in the database and visible to the editors/admins. Therefore points as well as cash credits are awarded in such cases also as usual.
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    Yes Partha, points and cash credits are given based on the quality of the answer, anonymous or not. Questions get 3 points only & no cash credits.

    A few members have this oddity of submitting questions too anonymously for reasons best known to them! Other than health or legal reasons or some family problem, why submit questions anonymously?

    Managing Editor,

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