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    " All the 14 bills sent by Delhi Government returned by the Centre"

    The Aam Aadmi Party won the Delhi Assembly Elections in 2015 with a thumping majority winning 67 seats where as BJP got 3 seats. The people of Delhi overwhelmingly voted for AAP and wanted to have the Government of their choice. From the very beginning The Central Government led by BJP is causing hurdles to the AAP Government functioning in their own way. In the past year the Delhi Government sent 14 bills to be cleared by the Central Government To introduce them in the Delhi Assembly. The Central Government returned all the bills without clearing them. How the Delhi Government can function if the Central Government does not allow it to function? Let the people decide whether the policies of the AAP Government are good for them or not? Is it proper for the Central Government to cause hurdles in the functioning of a popularly elected Government on flimsy grounds?
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    Such scenarios are emerging due to the peculiar nature of the Delhi state. Though it is called a state and there is assembly etc. , it is not a full state in the sense that many important subject matters like law and order land use control etc. are within the jurisdiction of the central Government represented by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. To understand the prevailing scenario, we have to first understand the exact nature of the Delhi state. It is true that being the national capital , the cream of the VVIP's reside in Delhi including all foreign embassies etc. Therefore all powers cannot be given to the local elected Government. Perhaps Delhi should have been an Union Territory only.
    On deep analysis, it looks strange as to how the educated electorate of the Delhi preferred to choose AAP and Kejriwal as their representative. Such situations emerge because of the machinations of the local ambitious leaders. They generally don't have vision and concerns for national issues and remain confined to their own power and prestige at local level.
    The situations like returning of bills etc. is because of above mentioned reasons only.

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    @ K.V Raghav Rao, NDA Government is afraid of AAP Government, as they are a central level party and ruling the country but in Delhi election they loose the battle.
    So they are taking the revenge now , nothing else.
    They are creating intentionally obstacle in front of AAP Government so that AAP can not get credit of any successful work at their State, but people have given another chance to AAP even Kejriwal leave the Chief minister seat last time with in 39 days.
    Now People of Delhi is much more aware and know whom to vote for next election, so whether Central Government creates problem, pass the bill or not, Arvind kejriwal Government will be there for several years ( terms) if they continue the work like doing right now).

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    @ KAilash Kumar.
    Although I am not a resident of Delhi but I am very much aware about the situation as I was there fr 1 year during 2009-2010, and I have witness the corruption level of politicians and Government officials, and during the term of Arvind kejriwal it has been reduced a lot, and people are happy with the service of the Government.
    Although it is impossible to satisfy 100% people, as the necessity of individual differ from person to person, but major part people is happy for which they won with 67 seats.
    Why NDA Government is always seeking more time to complete their promises where as they are shouting on Arvind kejriwal to full fill the promises in next day.

    And why a state Government will concern about the central development or national issue, they have limitation power and if they clean their state and bring development automatically nation will grow.

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    Please remember in politics taking vengeance or reverting the orders passed by previous governments always happens. And those previous government which committed fraud and corruption are highly investigated. Arvind Kejriwal did spit venom on Modi several times while run up to the elections and BJP won with thumping majority. Now it is the turn of Modi to take revenge as Delhi Government is not bestowed with any powers and all orders must go through Central government approval. So all the 14 past bills passed by Arvind Kejriwal government was returned back with the raider that procedure was not followed and thus further heat of politics here.
    K Mohan
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    Swagatika (#568808 ) - Corruption is every where at local level. The local politicians live among their family, relatives and friends to favor them with benefits. Most of the chief ministers will never prefer to hold the post of a cabinet minister in central Government because of this reason only. However historically no where else a new party like AAP won the way the people of Delhi enabled them to win. The culture of Delhi is materialistic to the core. There corruption can never be eradicated totally even by the AAP leadership. Instead I apprehend that they themselves will become corrupt after continuing for sometime. Some scandalous issues have already started trickling in the press.
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    @ KAilash kumar, when ever there is some allegation coming , immediately they are giving resign from the party and central Government taking them in to custody. You must have aware about the qualification dispute of smruti Irani, why did not she yet resign from her job? why center did not take any serious inquiry for that? What do you call it corruption or safeguard from her party?
    As you said most of Chief minister does not love to be a cabinet minister at center, lets wait for the time when AAP will make central Government or with alliance then we will discuss about this topic. Till now it is mostly present at Delhi only.

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    The center had returned the bills passed by the Delhi assembly on technical grounds that prior approval was not taken by the government before passing the same in the assembly. The procedure, I believe, is to take prior approval from the center and then send it again after passing in the assembly for Presidential assent.

    Though the hostile attitude of the BJP led center towards the Kejriwal led Delhi government is no secret, one must not also overlook the ignorantly negative and adamant attitude of Mr kejriwal in dealing with administrative matters as per laid down procedures and principles. War of political ideologies must not be allowed to interfere in the duties of a State towards the public.

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    As Mr. Saji Ganesh has already mentioned, the bills of AAP Govt. have been returned on technical grounds.

    So far as governance and corruption are concerned, the AAP Govt. has proved that it has no idea about governance. Gopal Rai and latest tanker scam have proved that AAP members are second to none in respect of corruption. Rakhi Bidlan. Gajender Tomar, Somnath Bharti , Surendra Singh (Commando) and others have proved that the AAP MLAs are equally arrogant, un-educated and they don't care for the rule of law. To hide these mis-governance and other issues like corruption and arrogance, Kejriwal, Asutosh, Manish Sisodia and Raghav Chadha are constantly engaged in theatrics in front of media.

    BJP may be enjoying the show from the sidelines, but it is AAP which is setting fire in its own backyard.

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    I want to correct myself. The 14 bills passed in the Delhi Assembly were returned by the Central Government without clearing them citing technical reasons. Citing technical reasons may be correct legally but it is a lame excuse. There are many incidents where the Central Government interfered with Delhi Government through Lieutenant Governor.
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    #568884: Mr. Raghava Rao. Please don't forget that the present Lt.-Governor of Delhi, Mr. Najeev Jung was appointed by the UPA Government. As a Delhi-ite, I still remember that BJP vehement opposed his appointment at that time. Now, how can the Lt.-Governor suddenly become a stooge of BJP?

    Moreover, a bill will technical defect can't be ultimately passed. It has to be re-drafted following proper regulations, follow all Parliamentary procedures (first reading, second reading and third reading) before sending the same for the assent of the President.

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    @Mr Partha Kansabanik
    The NDA Government sacked all the Governors appointed by UPA except two if I am correct. What can be the reason for retaining them? Why Kiran Bedi is appointed Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry where the Congress party and DMK formed the Government?
    What happened in Uttarakhand? In what way the BJP is different from Congress?

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    #568895: Mr. Rao: Najeeb Jung took charge at Lt. Governor of Delhi on 9th July, 2013. You can easily recall that, that was the last stage of UPA Govt. in centre and Congress Govt. in Delhi. At that time, we were getting reports of new scams from both centre and Delhi state almost everyday. The BJP Govt. came to power in May, 2014. Jung was allowed to continue as Lt. Governor of Delhi simply because he did not do anything controversial during his short tenure (July 2013 to May 2014) unlike Kamla Beniwal and other Governors who were sacked by BJP.
    So far as Uttarakhand and Puducherry are concerned, the issues are not relevant for discussion here. I would only say that the crisis of Uttarakhand was due to constant in-fighting between Harish Rawat, present CM and Vijay Bahuguna, his predecessor, both of whom are from Congress.

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    Frankly writing it in a funny way. BJP has 29 + UT wives to rule and care. There are affectionate and caring wives as well as hatred wives to treat. AAP of Delhi is a hatred wife living very close to BJP. The good proverb is - "If love is thin faults are thick." It is applicable here too.
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    @Mr Partha
    The UPA appointed Governors sacked by the NDA did not do any thing wrong while they were in office. It is an open secret that Governors are not appointed for their merit but for the loyalty to the ruling party. Mr Ram Naresh Yadav who is connected with Vyapam scam is spared. These are all not related to the main point of the thread. The attitude of Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung towards Kejriwal Government is well known. People are not blind They are observing. So far NDA proved that t is not different from Congress. When questioned on the TV the BJP spokespersons always refer to what Congress did previously.
    In my peronal opinion the Central Government is interfering with the functioning of Kejriwal Government. I wish the Kejriwal Government be allowed to rule in their own way and let the people decide what is good for them in the next elections.

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    As I have already stated AAP is setting fire in its own backyard, and BJP is enjoying the show. Latest update: AAP MLA Dinesh Mohaniya was arrested by the Delhi Police on Saturday for allegedly misbehaving with a woman and slapping a 60-year-old man. The slapping incident took place in Tughlakabad, where Dinesh Mohaniya had gone for a visit on Friday.

    As usual, Kejriwal has blamed BJP for this!

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    @ Partha Kansabanik , you must be aware that BJP MLA OP Sharma beats JNU students & Journalist in front of Media. But he did not get arrested where as AAP MLA got arrested without proper verification and prove.
    DO not you think all these things happen under the instruction of BJP President and Prime minister. Are not they interfering too much and trying to blame AAP in front of people.

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    The Delhi cops seem to be hyperactive in respect of persons related to Aam Aadmi Party. The police work under the Central Government. This force is also misused by the BJP to trouble the Kejriwal Government. What is the need of arresting Dinesh Mohania when he was in the midst of news conference? The Police could have waited for the live interview to be completed. The actions of BJP suggest that it is unable to digest the defeat in the hands of AAP. As pointed out earlier by a member why no action is taken against Smriti Irani for giving false information to the Election Commission regarding her educational qualifications? People are watching the happenings.
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    Kejriwal in a press conference resorts to theatrics: "Mujhe mar do, mujhe kat do....." Asutosh can go to DU for educational certificate of Modi. Somnath Bharti's obscene drama with African female students is still remembered. Then why not some theatrics from Delhi Police, whom Kejriwal called 'Thulla' (a derogatory word to insult the police)?

    If Kejriwal sneezes, the blame goes to Modi!

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    @Partha Kansabanik

    You may be a staunch supporter of BJP or You may be a strong critic of the Aam Aadmi Party and the Kejriwal Government. Do not try to defend the undefendable.

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    I request the Editor concerned to lock this thread as Continuation of this thread is of no use.
    With regards

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    Mr. Raghava Rao: I also request the Editor to lock the thread with my parting comment: "Every action has equal and opposite reaction."
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    A proper reaction is always welcome.
    With regards

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    Locking with a query as to why can't we conclude a discussion! I don't think that accepting a wrong as wrong is wrong. No wonder our elected representatives are finding it difficult!
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