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    Do the old trend will become a new trend?

    As we see in some of the things as we can't buy or wear because it is a old model but later of some days that old model will become a new model for example after the advent of Television and there is drastic decrease and at some point of time it is nullified but again today people are listening to radio FM's and trouser models previously there is one and only type of model that is narrow trousers, after that baggy style, boot cut style, parallel baggy e.t.c had came into light but now we are using narrow type of trousers are using at present.So the old models or habits or trends become a new trend style or model do you agree for that?
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    Historically the humans have undergone certain epoch making events like entering into the industrial age or afterwards into internet age. Such events totally transform the things as never before. The technology changes the way humans use to live and even think.
    Now there will be no going back to the age of riding horses or bullock carts except perhaps in the fancy events and fairs. Only the models, designs and features of the cars will change with the latest driver less cars in the offing. USA has abandoned launch of rockets due to environmental considerations and has entered into the age of spacecrafts which take off and land like normal jet planes. The FM radio will never be able to deliver the advantages of internet enabled video features.
    Regarding attires and garments, newer materials and imaginative designs are getting developed. The traditional 'dupatta' is now absconding and needle and thread dresses are appearing. In Indian wedding parties nowadays many women are preferring western dresses over traditional/ethnic wear.

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    In fashion Industry after a brief spell the old trend also makes round and it eventually becomes popular. When we were young we used to have bell bottom pants. That had the wide opening in the bottom which actually can conceal the shoes. But that kind of fashion was gone which was thirty years back I am talking about. Now I could see some youth wearing bell bottom pants and sporting a hippy cut hair style. So from this it is clear that over the passage of time the fashion trends would come to the old fashion and the people would love to embrace it again. One thing is sure, old fashions cannot die , the only thing we need that some one should initiate to re-introduce.
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    Bhushan, we can notice many such changes happening in our daily life. Many old things have started started coming back in new shapes and identities. From nothing to radio to television to VCRs to computers and internet and so on we have seen many new things replacing the older versions. Attires that were fashion earlier have started coming back in different varieties and in newer forms.

    A point out of context but nevertheless important is that I would request you to be more careful while posting contents. Though one may raise an argument about irrelevance of grammar and spelling in the virtual world (!), I suggest you to please read what you are posting once or twice to ensure that you make the least number of mistakes. I am sorry to say that leaving what you write to the imagination/ ability of the readers is not appreciable. This thread is a glaring example.

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    Suppose a person has 20 dresses. How does he/she wear them? - One dress on one day for a total of 20 days. Then, he/she repeats the 20 dresses again. Sometimes, he/she buys new dresses and may replace some old dresses. The same happens in the fashion industry too. "New trend starts - We follow it for some time - Get bored - Shift to old trend again - Sometimes another new trend starts and we forget some old trends completely".

    Let us continue learning.

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