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    Article deleted within short span of time?

    Hello ISC,

    Two of my articles are in pending status and I am not able to clear it due to vacations. Now, I would like to know how long it will take to review the articles? Generally, 48 hours but I am not sure the exact time. To my surprise when I resubmit the two articles then those two were deleted within 5 minutes of submission. How it will be possible in ISC when possible time for reviewing process in ISC will take minimum 2-5 days? Now, one question ringing in my mind is that: Deleting my articles and stating the reason is true?

    Here is the URL of that articles.

    Can you please clarify my doubt in this regard?
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    Jyothirmayi, it can safely be presumed that you did not satisfactorily comply with the instructions of the editor before resubmitting your articles which has made it easy for him to take immediate action. Other aspects of your article having been already reviewed before the same was sent to pending status, the only point to be checked was whether you had carried out the amendments/corrections as suggested by the editor.
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    It had happened with me also. Sometimes it so happens that the editor as well as the authors are online simultaneously. The author receives an alert about change of status of the article to pending with certain remarks for modifications. The author attends to the alert and sometimes without paying due attention to incorporate necessary modifications as suggested by the author re-submits his/her article for approval. Since the editor is also online, he/she changes the status of the article immediately, because the directions were not complied.
    There is practically no analogy between such cases and the normal time required in approval of the articles.

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