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    A walk or jogging which will reduced the weight fast?

    Every morning people use to walk in parks on the tracks and roads they will go morning walk in order to reduce fat, make fit for them selves and also good for health condition. But I observed somebody on the tracks in parks used to do jogging. Is walking will reduce the weight fast or jogging will reduce the fat fast because when you jog you have to put some energy more than walk so you will get sweat fast but you can't jog more time that you do in walk.So which is better for health a morning walk or jogging.Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    First of all we must understand the different between walking, and jogging. Walking can be slow and with brisk space. I have seen people walking slow cannot achieve any progress in their health or reduced weight. Where as those who do brisk walking do exert pressure on the body and the sweat that takes place would bring down the additional obese in any person. And gifted are those who can jog for few miles. Jogging is the best of doing exercise which would ensure immediate and considerable weight reduction and the exertion on our body is total and full. That is the reason being so we can see sports persons prefer jogging over just walking.
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    A human child achieves independent walking ability at around 11 months of age and after that the walking goes on throughout the life. The average speed of walking of humans is about 5 kilometers per hour. A brisk walking speed can be around 6.5 kilometers per hour and running speed up to 14 kilometers has been recorded in case of professional athletes.
    It has been found that there is a relationship between walking and length of life span. Though speed makes difference between running and jogging, but there is one more important difference. In walking generally only one foot leaves the contact with the ground and there are periods of double support in between, but in running both feet leaves contact with the ground at a time.
    Jogging is running with slow speed. Jogging is running at speed less than 10 kilometers per hour.
    Running burns up to twice as many calories per mile as compared to walking. It depends on the body weight of the individual also. The British formula is to multiply body weight in pounds by a factor of 0.53 to know how many calories are burnt per mile of walking and by a factor of 0.75 to know the same in case of running.

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