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    Why we fall short of total satisfaction ?

    If you ask any one are they happy with the present life, they would say no. For the rich it is always wanting for them to earn money and wealth so that they can keep on adding to their savings and for the future. For the middle class they are never satisfied with the promotions or the salary increase and still feels that some thing more could have been given. For the poor it is always a nightmare and expectations as to when their life is going to be changed. So in total we can find that people are not satisfied and surely fall short of satisfaction.
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    Satisfaction, happiness and contentedness are state of mind of the individual concerned. The outer influences can never make an individual satisfied. Dissatisfaction occurs due to gap in expectations and ground realities. Patience and perseverance is required for attaining set goals. One has to wait like a vulture in the battle field to let the adversities die. One should never expect windfalls and become rich overnight. Often such greed leads to misery. Contentedness has been said to be the greatest wealth.
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