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    Fate of an Alphonso mango.

    (This entry wins the joint 2nd prize for the 'Me, a mango' creative writing contest)

    Wow! It feels so good to be the center of attraction. I can hear all the other fruits from melons, grapes, apples to the exotic kiwis here on the stall whispering about me and my siblings. They all envy us, envy me. It is not just these fruits, even those humans passing by our stall desire to savor us. Not one has passed by without glancing in our direction. And why won't they, after all we are "The Alphonso Mangoes"- the king of mangoes, the most loved ones among fruits, the most expensive and exquisite ones. We are the first batch of Alphonso mangoes for this season and have arrived early in market this year.

    Sitting in the basket along with my sibling at the stall I see people glancing, wishing to buy me and some even halting to check me out as I am the largest, plumpest and yellowiest fresh mango among the lot. I know this wait is not going to last long as someone soon will buy me, savor my sweet flavor and relish me as their first mango of the season. This will be my perfect destiny. I will live the dream that every Alpnonso wishes for.

    Soon a young lady purchased me along with my two other siblings at a very high price and took us to her home. Everyone praised my look and eagerly waited to taste me. Finally the moment had arrived; the women began to cut through me. "Oh no!" She shouted. "The mango is slightly spoilt and rotten from inside" I heard her saying. I was all confused and shocked to hear it. I wondered how it is possible. The glow and excitement no longer existed on family members faces. They were criticizing me and the shopkeeper. As an Alphonso mango, all this was very insulting for me and it continued. The lady with a sad face then removed the spoilt part from me and made pieces with the remaining good part. She then picked my piece to taste and almost instantly spit me out saying "eww! It's sour too". By then she got very angry and literally picked me up and dumped me in the dustbin.

    My destiny had turned its back on me. I had been sincere through all my growing up years in taking the required nourishment form my mother tree. I was a grown matured ripe mango fruit and was the plumpest with beautiful golden color, but still I met with such fate. I felt all alone when suddenly my other sibling too was dumped here in the dustbin for being too sour and unfit. I could not control myself anymore and started to cry in despair.

    My sister was much composed and she consoled me. She pointed out that this fate was brought on us by the greedy human themselves. With the increasing market demand for mangoes, the sellers compete to bring mangoes early in the market to get a very high price and make profit. For which they indulge in malpractices like artificially ripening using chemicals and hormones. She reminded me about how we all were plucked pre-maturely from our mother tree and packed in cartons containing small pouches named calcium carbide, a hazardous chemical which accelerated our ripening process but degraded our taste and in some cases led to rotting while ripening. Actually we did not even ripen but just lost our green colour and turned golden yellow because of the chemical reaction with calcium carbide.

    When will man learn from his mistakes? The nature cannot suffer because of human's action. I could not live a flourished life and stand with head held high as 'The alphonso mango- the exquisite one '. Today, I plead you all through my story to take strict actions in such malpractices before its too late, encourage organic farming, and make judicious use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormones in agriculture.
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    Through this write up the author has stressed the need for organic farming and that is the importance of the day. No one likes to have Alphonso mangoes ripen with chemical carbide process and that is injurious to health.
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    A good story indeed! However, I humbly beg to differ regarding the author's view that Alphonso is the king of mangoes. According to me, this coveted place would go to Himsagar, Gulabkhas Fazli or Kesar.
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