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    I want to quit smoking this year?

    I am father of a new born baby girl. In the beginning of 2016 i made a resolution to quit cigarettes but i didnt , Now with my new born baby i want to quit it badly. I dnt want to smoke at home suggest some solutions.
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    Smoking will have to be quit totally. There cannot be 'no smoking' at home , but continued smoking at other places. This may lead to spending less time at home and more time outside.
    Many people leave smoking, but it depends only on the individuals concerned. No outside influence can make him/her to leave smoking/tobacco chewing or drinking like habits.
    I hope that the author's resolution is not based on an ongoing advertisement in television media these days, but instead it is his genuine decision.
    There are products like nicotex available in the market which help in managing withdrawal symptoms in the initial phases. Nicotex chewing gums are available in 2 mg per tablet and 4 mg per tablet varieties. The author may visit the website - to know more about their smoking quitting program.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Surely smoking is a bad habit and it brings death slowly. I think no one would wish to die early than expected. Now that you have a new born baby, cherish her nuances and be with her, surely you will forget the smoking altogether. Yes it is difficult to desist from smoking and it all depends on your strong will power. What I suggest that when ever you start smoking , think of your new born baby, surely you will get rid of the fag immediately and that would become the necessity in due course. My appreciation to you for having thought of quitting smoking.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Good decision Friend! You made a right choice at right time of your life. Your daughter shall be proud of you.

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    Happy to know you have taken the decision to quit smoking. Don't ever give up on this all-important goal. You can have a look at this inspiring thread: Yes! We can quit smoking and go through the excellent suggestions & advice given in this thread: Why does the youth fall into a habit of smoking?.

    We'll support & cheer you on toward your goal!

    Managing Editor,

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    You have taken a right decision to quit smoking. Although this is hard but not impossible. It does not cause you only harmful but also increase your expenses, decrease your stamina, makes you weak.
    Start eating Bel juice (wood apple) holy basil, or tulasi
    it will reduce toxin from your body and you need strong determination. There is no other way to quit smoking. You can take help from your friends who just quit smoking.
    You can not get any help from on line friends.

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    Thank you all for your advises. Its really inspire me to quit. Sorry for late replies . I am searching her name . I am confused what i choose . I have searched and found many sites . Daisy is the name final.

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    Very pleased to note that your want to quit smoking this year. Why this year? Why not this month? Why not this week? Why not today? Why not now? Why not at home? Why outside your home?

    Never try to postpone such good decisions in your life. Do it then and there.
    A good solution to your problem is this: - Take a note book and start writing the following as per 1 and 2 schedule indicated. (Mark the outer cover as "I won't smoke). Keep it underneath your pillow.

    "I won't smoke...I won't smoke..I won't smoke.. I swear on my baby.
    1. When you get up from the bed in the morning ( 18 time)
    2. Before going to the bed ( 108 time),

    Start doing this immediately from today before you go to bed. You are sure to see no cigarettes in your life.

    No life without Sun ¤

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