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    Do burning effigies will solve the problem?

    As I saw in Television or in real time some people gathered and do agitations when the decision taken by the government or chief minister is against to them in that process they burn effigies of the government or that public person or political person in that process sometimes some people accidentally caught fire got injured and even some people die .Do burning effigies in agitation will solve the problem or it will get any relief for the agitators can the decision will get revert back on burning the effigies. Knowledgeable members can respond to this question.
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    Venting ire is the attitude of human being and they get solace from that. Burning effigy of a person or a government is the way of resentment shown by the agitators. When the government is not listening to their woes, surely they want to bring the attention by burning the effigy. In democracy every one has the right to protest and even burn the effigies, but care must be taken that such action should not bother public or public properties. Normally police permission has to be taken before burning the effigies so that if any thing untoward happens, the police shall take the necessary actions. By the way I wont see any change in government attitude if effigies are burnt. In fact the next day we can hear the ruling party condoning the effigy burning and instead of announcing the measures to mitigate the problem, the ruling party Ministers would criticize the opposition and their way of handling the protest.
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    Regarding burning effigies, let us not forget that Rajiv Goswami, a student at Delhi University had attempted self immolation in October, 1990 to protest against the decision of the V.P.Singh Government regarding implementation of the Mandal Commission report. Later Surinder Singh Chauhan had attempted self immolation on the same issue and perished leaving a suicide note. But the reservation policy is continuing.
    Burning effigies do attracts attention. Even the ISCians take note of the issue and raise a thread in the forum section.
    Every year we burn effigies of Ravana on the day of Dussehra to celebrate victory of good over evil.
    The Indian history is replete with examples of 'Jauhar' and 'sati' like practices in the past which could be abolished during British rule only.

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    Normally This thing happens in India ( although I am not aware about any other country where effigies burnt.
    India is a democratic country and everybody has right to protest in their way.
    Although we all know there is no actual benefit out of this,but some time due to media highlight of that issue more and more people get aware about the problem, and might stand unite to fight against the issue.

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