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    Can we sue the civic authorities for not providing the roads , drainage and water ?

    Most of the house holds are having Independent house or flats with ownership and they are paying the yearly property tax without fail. And it is the express duty of the Municipality to provide basics like drainage, water and roads. If the roads are not properly re carpeted before the monsoon, there are every chance of roads going from bad to worse. The MLA and MP funds are at the disposal of Municipality and why they are not attending to the cause. As a aggrieved citizen do we have the right to question the Municipality failure in the court of law ?
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    The Government collects revenue through taxes. There are many kinds of malpractices in tax collection system. Many individuals avoid paying tax honestly. Many of then bribe the concerned officials to fix their taxes at lower slab etc. Thus the whole system is corrupt. The corruption stems from the citizens. Since the corrupt citizens are many time more in numbers than the corrupt officials , only the citizens are responsible for proliferation of corrupt practices.
    The tax official cannot do anything on their own until and unless the citizens are not colluding with them.
    In this manner the revenue is not collected properly and therefore results also don't show up. The officials know that only the corrupt people reside in any particular colony and therefore they don't feel any kind of fear about their non-performance.
    Besides presenting a very simplified version of the story in above paragraph, it is also stated that as far as I remember the functions of the statutory departments of the Government don't come under the purview of Consumer Protection Act etc.

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    Yes, we can file Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to force civic authorities for roads and other civic amenities. Not only PIL, I think Mandamus (a type of Writ petition) can also be filed to address the issue.
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    I think one can go to Consumer Forum and file a case. When we are paying the taxes to the Municipality or Corporation , we have every right to question them and take them to court.
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    In my view, paying tax alone will never make you a good citizen and its not fair to always look at the government and municipalities to do things. waste management must start from our houses. decentralized management systems are effective and best. But I agree with you somewhere. Its the duty of a Government to provide well and good transportation facilities especially roads. The corruption occurring in the public work department is immense and this is leading to poor quality road and drainage systems.As a democratic Nation ,Indian citizens are free to talk for their rights. Talking about Water distribution... its too late ! At least now ,the public should understand about the need to conserve water. Public rain water harvesting systems and water purification along with effective distribution facility is really necessary now. Lets stand up and talk for our rights!
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    Mohan sir, though they are not doing provisions for such requirements, the first culprit,according to me is, we ourselves as we are polluting our places with many activities like putting wastage, bottles,(mineral/wine)papers, everything into the place other the dustbin which blocks the drainage (existing), blocking/encroaching the existing roads and there by becoming a cause of traffic jam. Why do not correct ourselves first before asking the government?

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