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    Do you accept development if it hamper you another way?

    You get a good news that in your locality an industry is going to be set. some people get anxious about the job opportunities there, but later you get to know it will cost you a lot as they will pollute your water and air. Will destroy your environment .
    Will you welcome that industry or will start opposing or stay quiet as you do not get directly infected or benefited?
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    Well responding or reacting depends on the situation and what it cause the loss. Not that every Industry would spread pollution and hindrance to our life. Normally Industries are not given permission to set up amid colonies and they are located far of places. Moreover some Industries does not have smoke tower at all not they indulge in pollution. For example electronic Industries, television manufacturing Industries or computer chips. All these Industries does not have pollution problem. One thing is sure, when we are getting something good, we have to forgo something from us. That is the way of life and everybody must adjust their life that way.
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    There are two angles to this. One is employment. The people of that area feel happy for getting employment opportunity in their area. The other one is the pollution the industry is likely to cause and it's effect on the health of the locals. Both are important. A balance has to be struck between these two important factors.
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    There is a story that when Ratan Tata finally decided to close the Tata Nano at Singur, West Bengal due to unrelenting opposition of Mamata Banerjee, Narendra Modi, then the Chief Minister of the Gujarat had sent a SMS to him simply writing 'Suswagatham' and the factory was set up in Gujarat at Sanand within 14 months.
    As a matter of fact at the stage of land acquisition etc. only the protests etc. are registered and factory comes much later. Generally the people are taken care by offering adequate compensation and promises of employment etc.
    Thus there remains nothing in protesting later or complaining about the pollution etc. Generally on paper at least adequate preventive measures are shown to exist.
    While talking about the subject matter, who can forget the Bhopal gas tragedy, which is considered the world's worst industrial disaster. It had caused 3,787 deaths related to the gas release.

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    Nowadays the experts and Governments of developed countries are stressing on environment-friendly development projects. In India also, every project worth Rs. 5 crore or more has to obtain clearance from Ministry of Environment & Forests.
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    When an industry or firm will start. It give huge job oppurtunities to the village it belongs. Those who dont think about the future problem accept this idea. But the people know about the pollution it makes will not accept it. Most of the time the problems are occur after the firm came to exist. In many villages such factories are closed due to the strike of peoples. If the development is needed it doesnot mean that we destroy our home. Developments are for helping people not for punish them. There is a lot of farm land is destroyed in the name of development. In earlier days the atmosphere of a village is cool and fresh air makes all happy. But today the development and tourism makes the place very bad. So polluting land and other resources in the name of development is very bad.

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