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    Have you ever taken autograph of any celebrity so far?

    Generally people take autograph of the celebrities when they happen to meet them in any function or otherwise. Though I have met few celebrities in my life, but never cared to take their autographs. Only once I had arranged to obtain a music CD autographed by Lata Mangeshkar through somebody else to oblige someone.
    Have you ever met any celebrity in person? Autographs proves that the individual had actually met the celebrity in person provided his/her name is also mentioned in the autographed message. Seeing celebrities from a distance doesn't count.
    Have you ever taken autograph of any celebrity so far?
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    I have taken only one (only one) autograph from a good old great personality. He is the devotee of Lord Sri Karthikeya. His name is Thirumuruga Kirupananda Varier. He conducts discourses, especially on Lord Muruga( Kantha puraanam). He also acted in many films. I got the autograph while we were travelling in the same coach from Chennai to Tirunelveli.

    He is no more now. But he lives in my heart.

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    I didn't got any autograph from any VIP. But i got so many autograph from my friends on the completion of tenth standard. It is so special to me and it is a best nostalgic memory in my life. I remember my all friends. I am not interested in the autograph of film actors and actress.

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    Long time back when I was quite young, I met and got myself clicked with Anil Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty. I also saw Sunil Shetty and Madhuri Dixit at that time, but didn't take a pic. Though back then I was too young to think of getting autographs.
    The only autograph I have ever wanted was Shahrukh Khan's. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to see him despite the fact that he had come to our university for a football match, thanks to strict hostel in times for girls. This wish of mine however, was partially fulfilled when my then boyfriend, now husband, managed to get me SRKs autograph (safe to assume this was one of the major reasons for transition from dating to getting married). I kind of went into a crazy hyperventilating mode upon seeing it. Seeing my name written, by the hand of my absolute favorite star.... holding the paper on which he has written... there is no feeling that can describe it. It is now carefully framed and up on the walls of my home in all its pride and glory.


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    Till date, I have not obtained the signature of any celebrity, although I have met many. There are various reasons behind this. One is my inherent shyness. The other and the most important one is that I have never felt any urge to obtain signatures of celebrities. Thirdly, I don't carry any special copy-book to obtain signatures of celebrities.
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    Yes I have taken the autograph and has a photograph taken with noted Chess player Koneru Hampi. I have the autograph and photo taken with noted director, producer and actor Narayana who made historic films.
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