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    Do you know what is banana bond?

    In Chemistry we know certain molecules have got certain structures for example if we see water the empirical formula or chemical formula of water is H20 and the shape is angular and methane CH4 that shape is tetrahedron or tetrahedral shape and diborane empirical formula or chemical formula B2H6 this type of structure and bonding is called as banana bond or Tau bond as I studied in my 10+2 I remember and want to share it here. Is there any molecule that posses the same structure and bonding.Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    I had complete my 10+2 in the year 1971 i.e. about 45 years back and still remember about bent bonds or banana bonds. These are covalent bonds, geometrically somewhat bent like a banana. The molecule of cyclopropane with formula C3H6 is a typical example of the same. In this molecule, three carbon atoms are bonded to each other forming a cyclic structure. Instead of being purely triangular in shape, the molecule acquires a roundish shape with the bonds between the two adjacent carbon atoms somewhat bent. In the cyclopropane molecule the interorbital angle is 104 degrees. Cyclobutane molecule with chemical formula C4H8 forms a larger ring, but still has bent bonds.
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    Many may not know the Banana bond you are talking about. Only the chemistry experts might exploit this thread with their knowledge in the field of chemistry.

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    Well I am not a chemical subject student to answer this poser from the author, but surely my son would respond with required inputs.
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    All the bonding occur due to lone pair of electrons. These lone pair of electrons are shared between two molecules thus forming a bond.

    In methane it's SP3 hybridization, and due to presence of electron cloud over other molecules such as boron in diborane we get this bent bond or banana bond.

    Some hydrocarbons such as Cyclopropane undergo banana bond too.Hope my answer is acceptable to author.

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    I want to ask you one more question how the shapes and angles are determined as a standard ones. We see different bond angles are written in different books for the same molecule. If the water is poured in a vessel, the shapes of the vessel varied from one to another hence the bond angle will be differed as the van der Waals theory also state this. whenever the molecules collide on the container walls they do lost some energy and shape.How can the molecules have static shapes and angles.
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