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    Who was the greatest conqueror in Human history?

    Well kings and emperors are never happy with a single province. Their greed sometimes drive them to insane limits. Some use brute force to accomplish their tasks while other make peaceful treaties.
    But the result of any war is always the same. There are no winners in war. WAR IS HELL!
    Some conquerors almost had the whole world in their fists.

    Now tell me who was the greatest conqueror in the Human history?
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    A similar question is appearing on 'quora' and the answers are posted on the same in terms of squares of miles of territory, the conquerors had won in their respective era. However digging the history and citing names of likes of Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and Tamerlane etc. reminds us of the brutal killings and plundering to which they had resorted to.
    Therefore I would like to name Mahatma Buddha as the greatest conqueror of the history who had taught us the principle of non-violence.
    In modern times, as far as India is concerned, Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest conqueror who had lead us in achieving independence from the mighty Britishers through non-violence.

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    From 1526 to 1857, the moghul empire ruled in India and Among them Akbar was the king considered as greatest person as he did many remarkable ruling.
    Above all I appreciate this question well as many people hesitate to read history subject and many governments are set aside the history from the school /college portions. Aditya, you proved yourself as a son of Mohan sir. Congratulations!

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    I would say that Nelson Mandela is the greatest conquerer in human history. He was in jail for many decades and turned as President by winning the hearts of the human beings of South Africa. Who else can be the greater conqueror in human history?

    I would also take the name of Jesus as a human, but I will not, as he had the magical powers to win the heart of the human being as an incarnation of God.

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    Two names come to my mind. They are Genghis Khan and Alexander, in the order that is mentioned.
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    According to me king Raja Raja was the greatest king in the world. I'm not saying because he conquered many places and won many great battles. The actual reason why I say this is because he conquered the heart of many people. Even after 1000 years we are praising him and talking about his greatness. Some of the greatness of king Raja Raja are:

    1) He had world's largest elephant army and used them not only for battle but also for construction purpose.
    2) He was also capable of communicating with elephants very well.
    3) He gave importance to all sectors like trade, battle, science, religion , culture etc.
    3) People during his rule had no problems and even people from the enemy countries had a great respect on him.

    There are so many things to talk about him. You will come to know more about him if you read Ponniyin Selvam and Udayar. So according to me no other kings can be greater than him. All the other kings lived for conquering but he lived for the people. Totally a great king.

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    All above answers are incredibly good. Correct answer stands to be Genghis Khan.
    Because that man almost had two continents in his control.
    While Genghis won the wars, Kailash Kumar's answer won hearts.

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