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    While the mother is cozy with you why the father chases for perfection in you ?

    It is the fact that father and mother take care of the children till they become adult and trust worthy to earn and lead their own life. While the mother pampers her child and also chose to protect him from the wrong doings from the eagle watch of father, it is the father who teaches the son on how to take the challenges of life with great grid and gusto. Many children may not like father for his chasing habit on every matter, but that kind of attitude is required to mend the ways of children from bad to worse.
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    The thread is primarily about the role of mother and father in parenting. In general, what the author has observed is correct. Generally mothers protect the child whereas the fathers discipline them. This scenario often leads to mothers hiding facts from the father and gradually the children tend to believe that they will be protected by their mothers in any case and thus they become unruly and errants. Still the mothers don't see any fault in the children's behavior and continue to protect them which ultimately leads to a very miserable situation at the end. Since the time cannot be reversed, the children cannot be made responsible when the time had passed and they become sort of a burden to be carried by the parents in their old age. Perhaps only some of such children later expel their parents from their homes when they become weak during their old age .
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    No, we can't say 'mother is cozy'. Mothers are equally concerned, if not more, about the future career of their children. The earlier care-free days (but with strict discipline) have long been lost.
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    There was a cine song,'amma endraal anbu, appa endraal arivu' which means mother is love and father is wisdom. Likely, mother is a person filled with love only but a father as wisdom provider/protector, he is looking for perfection and he can made the son or daughter in a correct way.

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