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    Who is to decide the tuition fee- the student, parent or the tuition master ?

    For some dull students, they take to tuition so that what ever learned in the class are repeated and said with more details. There is no hard and fast rule on how much has to be charged as tuition fees. Of course the fee depends on the how many subjects, the dull nature of student and above all the capability of the tuition master to impress the student. I have seen some tuition teachers are taking the classes for free or pittance of amount, and some charge huge. So what may the right fees for tuition ?
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    It depends on the circumstances. In India a very large proportion of students opt for taking tuition according to the respective capacities of their parents. Many take tuition with an objective to just pass the class in any case and there are others who wish to take their above 90% marks level to 100% level. Primarily the school in which the students study determines the tuition fee. The type of school indicates the financial status of the family. Children studying in Government or Municipal Corporation schools will get a different set of tutors and hence a lower tuition fee structure. On the contrary the students studying in famous public schools of the city will get a different class of tutor with much higher tuition fee. A dull student can never be transformed into a brilliant student irrespective of the quantum of tuition fee paid by their parents.
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    Tuition fees will of course be decided by the teacher but it is up to the parents and student to decide as to who should be engaged for the job. Fees depends on factors like experience and reputation and there cannot be a fixed rate.
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    The teacher decides the tuition fees. Some teachers who are in demand may charge higher fees than the others. The teachers in general are always have soft corner for poor students and they may teach them for free or for a far lesser fees than the others. A student who is average or below average requires coaching to improve subject knowledge.
    Tuition is some extra work for the teacher after his regular duty for which he will get extra money. Some teachers take up tuition as a hobby to help students. They charge very less fees or no fees at all. Some of the teachers take up tuition to earn extra money. They charge higher fees. There is no right fees for tuition. It depends on supply and demand.

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    I am unable to answer this question direct way. I need to look from all angels. Suppose Tutor is very experienced and teach a student from basic to expertise he can charge as per his wish, but if a student is not afford that fees might approach to charge less, or might not attain that tutor.
    Parents are now just the inter mediator and they need to spend at any cost, if tutor ask higher fees for the sake of their children future.
    Now days actually the education has become too costly for which we are discussing but there is no alternate way as very less person are interested in education line now days.

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