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    Know the short cut routes to reach home and office. That will save time and fuel.

    Now the Monsoon season is on and we know that rains are going to lash our region and city with full power and energy. Most of the cities and towns are not having better drainage facilities and thus the storm water stagnates on the roads and that leads to greater traffic jams during peak hours. In Hyderabad we have the facility of taking to other routes to reach our venue or back home. Where as it is imperative for every vehicle user to know the alternate routes to reach the destination , other wise they will be stranded.
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    Alternate routes may not necessarily be short cut routes only. The same are often longer routes. The local residents of any city who commute daily to their workplace/market etc. are aware of the alternate routes and local vulnerable points. It seldom happens that a total stranger gets stranded in such situations. Even the outsiders avail services of local auto rickshaw or taxi who knows about the alternate routes sometimes better than the local residents.
    Regarding monsoon, one must protect his/her mobile phone /handset adequately. That is the lifeline which connects with the people in emergency situations. Similarly watches should also be protected in case the same are not of waterproof variety. Raincoats, umbrellas etc. should also be kept handy.
    I often miss the rainy season of Mumbai. Despite so many difficulties there, one used to enjoy negotiating challenging situations during monsoon.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Some routs can shorten the time drastically but thanks to the indifferent attitudes of the our administrative machinery of the cities, the real issues are not sorted out such as water logging, non replacement of the defective tubes, indifferent attitudes towards pot holes and poor drainage system. All these problems may cause the shorter routes inaccessible. Had there been an authority to look after these issues essential for trouble - free flow of the traffic, the menace could have been lessened.
    Such detoriation is not applicable to a particular city, you can witness the same horrible condition in almost all the cities. An urgent follow up would be needed to tackle these urgent issues.

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    EArly morning I always check what are teh events going to happen in my city, because I pass in front of Orissa secretariat, where most of the time there is either some protest going on or any Government meetings. To avoid that traffic I choose the alternate way.
    This si true we should always be alert about the short cut way ( but be careful whether that road is proper or not), some time during rainy season for short cut you might face another problem like drainage water flow, some time too much rush due to many people use that short cut etc.

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    Generally, all the commuters would know the short cut routes to reach their destination. However, during monsoon season, it may not be possible to use the short cut routes. In that case, they may have to use a long route to reach their destination or home. If everyone chose to use the short cut routes, that route is likely to be jammed. It is always better to use a standard motorable route where we can manoeuvre our vehicles easily.
    No life without Sun ¤

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    This is really a correct way not only to reach house in time, reduce the fuel usage but also we are paving a way to reduce the traffic jam.
    even going by walk I use the short cut only to avoid getting unnecessarily involved in traffice.

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