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    Beware! Processed meat and microwave popcorn can cause cancer!

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a part of the World Health Organisation (WHO), has said in a recent report that while there is no evidence to prove that coffee is carcinogenic. However, IARC has stated in the same report that the processed meat is in the category 1 of cancer causing substances (most carcinogenic). According to the study, consuming 50 grams of meat such as hot dogs, ham and bacon which go through the process of smoking, salting, curing or fermenting on a daily basis, can increase the risk of colo-rectal cancer by 18 percent. Processed meat contains chemicals such as sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate, both of which increase the risk of cancer.

    Popcorn in itself is not that bad, but the bag which contains microwave popcorn is lined with Perfluoro-octanoic acid (PFOA), a chemical, which, when heated, can cause infertility, cancer and other diseases.
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    Nowadays perhaps nothing is safe to ingest. Even the air in which we breathe is heavily polluted. The water which we dink and almost all food items which we consume daily is contaminated or adulterated. All processed food is contaminated with chemical preservatives which causes one kind of harm or the other. As a matter of fact, all synthetic product are unnatural and gradually we are drifting more and more toward synthetic products. Even if we think to grow vegetables in our own kitchen garden, the same will have to be treated with chemical fertilizers, insecticides and irrigated with contaminated water only. All such heavy metals and undesirable contaminants enter our body in due course.
    I remember having read that the tomatoes cause cancer. Sometimes the food product manufacturers launch a campaign to condemn their rivals products. But the bitter truth remain that we have to live in this world only and there is no respite from various types of cancer causing and such other harmful products.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thanks you for the information Mr. Partha Kansabanik. In my opinion, it is better to prefer home made food to outside food. Even home made food is not completely perfect as the ingredients are from the outside. Now a days, almost every one is cheating by adding chemicals to ripen fruits faster etc,. Such chemicals are harmful but they don't care. Anyway, we should be careful of the food we eat.

    Let us continue learning.

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    It is once again being proved that nothing is safer than the food prepared at the home no matter it may not match with the hotel taste and for that reason we cannot risk processed food and put our health in danger.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Not only processed meat and microwave popcorn, the IARC study has also indicated refine sugar, refine white flour, hydrogenated oil and salt-preserved food as carcinogenic.
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