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    Guess the Author Contest 2nd edition - participate & win prizes!

    Good Sunday morning everyone!

    It is time to test your expertise in knowing a member's writing style. All you have to do is to guess the author of each of the texts listed below. There is no wild card entry or ghost author this time. It is simple & straightforward. Note that I have not changed anything at all, neither spelling & grammar errors nor punctuation. It is posted here exactly as sent to me via email. The only input from my end is putting in a title for the write-ups which were sent without any title. The reason: since the participating authors cannot be given points & cc for their own write-ups, they will get it if they guess the aspect which is common to all the write-ups.

    For the main cash prizes and to give feedback <u>only after the contest closes</u> refer to this thread: <a href="/forum/146201-Guess-the-Author-contest-alert.aspx">alert & feedback on Guess the Author contest</a>

    <b>Do not submit your entries in this thread</b>. You must sent me your entry via email only to my gmail ID which is "iscmanagingeditor".

    <b>Closing time: 12 midnight of 26th June 2016 (IST).</b>

    Do not send your entry as an attachment. Send me the list of authors, with the name of the member matching each number. Example:
    GA1: [name]
    GA2: [name]
    [GA stands for 'Guess Author']

    After you send your entries to me, put in a simple response in this thread that you have sent it. This is so that I can credit 5 points & 2 cc for your right guesses [no negative marking for wrong guesses!] in this thread only. If you do not post a response here, you will not get those points & cc, but will still be eligible for the main cash awards. In your response here, do not reveal anything or give any feedback, not even which was the most difficult to guess.

    <u>Only for the authors of the write-ups</u>: Do remember to guess the aspect which is common to all the write-ups & include that in your email to me! You will get 10 points & 5 cc as bonus if you guess it correctly. This is an additional reward for your time & effort for the write-up.

    The write-ups are:
    <b>GA1</b>: Benefits of parks
    In metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi etc. where there is no enough free space to walk and jog around freely, the only thing that keeps people motivated in walking and jogging are the parks. Yes, we hardly see a place in big cities where we can roam around freely. The roads are always busy and also the environment is highly populated. We find no many trees and forget about walking freely, we even find difficult in crossing the roads. But for health conscious people and for old people for whom walking is essential, then it would be difficult for them without parks. Parks are the best thing in metropolitan cities. We find tress and also variety of flowers to some extent. This is the only place which is pollution free. Children can play as they like and parents can be tension free while their children are playing. Let's keep our parks clean and not destroy even our parks as this is the only place where we can a good environment.

    <b>GA2</b>: Investments in the future
    There are multiple ways in which investment can be categorized. People usually go for investment when they have good cash flow and if they want to save the cash for future. There are many investment options available. People who usually go for regular jobs will go for some small investment plans as a measure to safeguard their future. It is quite obvious that everyone would like to keep their future safe. In today's world this concept of investment is very common among the children as well. There are many awareness campaigns happening to motivate people to safeguard their future with the help of good investment. Investment can be on anything that will give you a bright returns in the future. Some people will go for share market, some will go for land or property investment. Some investments are in such a way that it will be considered as spending now and the returns will be in distant future. They will have to wait for several years to get their yield out of the investment. The best time to go for investment is when you are financially sound and capable of handling your day to day spending.

    <b>GA3</b>: HR - then and now
    The cavalry of Pandavs was comparatively very less against the Kauravs during the Mahabharat war. The reason behind the success of Pandavas could be Lord Krishna whose blessings are with them. But technically, the role of proper resource management by the Padavas was very crucial as Lord Krishna played a sheet anchor role in this. We can say Krishna was a best Manager of the Human Resource wing of the Pandavs as the Army general Drishtadyumn could happily follow the advice and execute it. On the other end, the Army Generals were to be replaced due to the death of the predecessor in the war. Shagun appeared to be a bad Human resource manager and proved to be a white elephant for them. Thus the resource management is a vital factor not only in any organisation but at the time of war & havocs which needs to be mobilised properly to meet the requirement posed by the challenges. Managers should have proper expertise & logical thinking to deploy the forces on the basis of requirement and directly responsible for the engagement, contribution, and productivity of the people working for the assignment. Gone the days of waiting for instructions how to proceed as proactive approach to recommend processes and business solutions that improve the ability to effectively contribute.

    <b>GR4</b>: Having opinions and being judgmental – is it synonymous?
    Having opinions and being judgmental – is it synonymous?
    Are having opinions and being judgmental the same thing? Very often we find that the attribute of being judgmental is considered negative. On the other hand, being opinionated might be seen as a sign of being mentally strong and confident by some. Both are based on forming an idea about a person, thing or phenomenon. Being judgmental is often used when talking about the ideas we form about individuals or maybe even a community. Being opinionated on the other hand is often associated with ideologies, philosophies, moral values and similar abstract things. Why is it that these two words have such widely opposite connotations? What makes having opinions okay but being judgmental not so much? Lets' say we club both the options together, and call it impression and supposition. Then the question arises, is it wrong to form impressions? Is it wrong to make suppositions? I guess my differentiation between these two would lie in the fact that while opinions only make us think what things are like, on the other hand judgments make us think what the consequences of being like that are. What do you think?

    <b>GA5</b>: Is homework a boon or bane?
    Which person in the world of education is unaware of the word homework.It has been part of school curriculum since ages and is a means of tracking the daily study topics of students.It is a part of every child's school life and the parents everyday responsibility and headache! Never passes a day when the mother is shouting if their kids have completed their homework as they run out to play with their friends in the neighbourhood. Now,coming to the real assigning homework on a daily basis really helpful to children in their learning stages? The answer is a big no!Research carried out on students starting from elementary level to high school level show no indication of a positive effect or advancement in the child's knowledge or understanding of the lesson taught. Rather ,they dread homework and consider it to be a daily task which has to be done whether they like it or not and whether they understand it or not.So,what is the use of such a baseless teaching practice which just frustrates kids and takes their interest away from learning what is really needed to be learnt?
    The concept of assigning homework and it's quality and quantity should be made more beneficial and according to the needs of the child.

    Have fun!
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    Wah! I could guess all the five authors correctly/incorrectly. I have sent my e-mail to your ID at 1300 hrs today. Kindly acknowledge.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    I have sent an email with my answers though not sure how many guesses are right.

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    Hi mam,i have sent my answers to your email id.
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    Sun, Sushma and ar - I have received your emails.

    Looks like the response for this edition is going to be even worse than the one for the previous edition.

    Managing Editor,

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    I have sent my response just now. Sincerely hoping my intelligent guesses and wild guesses would bring some points and cash credit from the ME.
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    I have guessed and sent my answers to your e-mail ID at 10.45 p.m.

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    I have sent my guess answers. Purely wild guess on glance at the write up as I am out of station and sent my replies via mobile.

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    Partha, Rajee & Jagdish - I have received your entries.

    Thanks to the 6 members who participated. This thread can be locked now.

    Managing Editor,

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