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    Do modern rulers are following the footsteps of kings in collecting the taxes?

    As in my school days I read that a king name called Aurangzeb collected tax for cutting the hair that is called as jiziya tax(to my remembrance) as today there are taxes levied in all things(interest rate on depositing amount, service tax applicable in all forms) now they added Krishi Kalyani Cess tax and swachh bharat taxes .Do the modern rulers are following the foot steps of the kings in collecting taxes.Why government is keen in collecting taxes in different forms?Knowledgeable members can respond to this question.
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    I would appreciate that their tax collection is at least transparent and we come to know for which reason they are collecting taxes. There are several cases where they collect money but we don't know what the reason is. I feel tax collection is far better than bribe money. We are very much ready to give bribe for many things to get our task done. For a land which is supposed to cost 1 lakh rupee is sold for more than 2 lakh rupees and we are ready to buy it with the extra cost that directly goes as black money. In that case we are not questioning. But for the betterment of people they collect tax and use it for some good cause, it is being questioned.

    I'm not telling this because you raised it but I have see people getting frustrated for this new tax idea. Even it affects me as in everything I will also be paying an extra amount as tax but considering the fact that it is legalized I personally feel that every single sector should have clear records for the money that they collect from people. All the additional money that is collected for bribe should be monitored or either legalized. This will prevent people from accumulating black money. If black money becomes white we obviously will not have a necessity to pay such Krishi Kalyani Cess tax and swachh bharat taxes.

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    Government collect taxes for the development of nation and its citizen. As you asked why they are taking various charges, when they make a plan and strategy for a particular project they implement tax for that purpose. By taking swachh bharat tax people get to know there money will go for clean the city and country, similarly the krishi kalyan cess will be used for the development of farmer and agriculture, it might be for research, providing subsidy to them or might be for giving loans.
    But It is different issue whether the ruling party utilising that collected tax in right manner or they are using for own party and for them selves.

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    Comparing modern taxes with Jizya exposes author's ignorance about the jizya. Jizya was a tax imposed by Muslim rulers on non-Muslim subjects. Historically, it was prevalent in many parts of world like Spain, North Africa, Iraq also, though presently it is not practiced any where in the world. It was sort of a fee charged by the Muslim rulers for providing protection to the Non-Muslims like Hindus, Jews, Christians and Parsis etc.
    In India it was prevalent during Muslim rule. However it was abolished during the period of Akbar, though it was reimposed by Aurangzeb later. In India jizya was in its worst form during Khilji and Tughlaq dynasties.
    As far as the taxes being collected by the Government nowadays is concerned, it has to be first understood that the Government on its own has no money. The Government is only a manager. People elect their manager and give them power and authority to manage the country in the best possible manner. The Government collects money from the people in the form of taxes and utilizes the same for various purposes including welfare measures for the weaker section of the society.

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