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    How do you feel in a movie the villain and comedian character names are of your names?

    When we watch movie we all know the movie have a villain and a comedian if the characters name in the movie is exactly of your name or partially of your name say for example in Telugu movies some villain characters named as Naga Bhushan rao in that Bhushan is there so partially my name exist like some comedian characters name is babbi it is my pet name.So how do you feel if the villain or comedian character names are your names?Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Normally the names are christened with the purpose to call by having pleasure both to the caller and called. Accordingly if one calls our name we first feel pleasure and turn to the voice side.
    when we see a person in outside of our own state with our state language, we feel happy to speak with him/her. Similarly if one actor either villain or hero or heroine or comedian have our name it is just pleasure only first. My house name is Mohan and there was an actor in Tamil named mohan. In my official name Ramachandran, there was a famous actor in tamil, M.G.Ramachandran who then became the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. Is it not a proud?

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    Nobody names his/her child as Ravana or Duryodhana, perhaps the greatest villainous mythological characters. Even names like Narada, Dushasana, Vibhishana and Kumbhakarna are not heard of. The same applies in the case of famous villains of Bollywood like Prana though names like Prem (Chopra), Amrish (Puri), Mehmood etc. can be found in society.
    However, if by coincidence the name of an individual matches with the name of any character of a popular movies, nothing much can be done. Such cases are to be treated as a coincidence only as nobody is going to become handsome and millionaires like Salman Khan, Akshaya Kumar or Amitabh Bachchan merely by having same name. Similar is the case with women having names like Priyanka, Sonam, Alia, Sonakshi or Kangana. Not only in movies often names of individuals coincide with the names of famous historical or contemporary personalities.

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