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    Is this the begining of the end of Europe?

    Britain has decided through referendum that they are going to part ways with the European Union. Europe without Britain is definitely weaker. Could more countries be following the same path? Could it be France where the popularity of National Front is gaining momentum with anti EU sentiments? Could it be Italy where the policy of economic austerity is a bone of contention? Even Scotland is accusing Britain of forcing its will by leaving EU as they want to stay with EU. Maybe, many will watch how an independent Britain fares and survives their march towards uncertainty and then decide.
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    Well America is getting weaker and weaker and that is playing politics in the back ground which no one is understanding. If Britain is excusing from EU means it is the big jolt and others would also follow to dismantle the Union.
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    On going through the history of the world we can see that the humans have survived many worse scenarios. After sometime the people continue as usual and nothing much happens. We have great resilience and have survived two world wars, great recession triggered by the collapse of the housing bubble in the US, the OPEC oil price shock of 1973 and the great depression of the period 1929-39 etc. I only wonder as to how such issues can be decided through a referendum. Have all residents of UK studied economics in Oxford like Dr. Manmohan Singh to vote on such a major issue like Brexit.
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    I am not sure of what your idea is. Are you referring to Europe, the continent or European Union.
    Europe consists of about 50 countries and is the smallest continent in the world. There cannot be the end of Europe. As long as the universe exists Europe will exist.
    If you are referring to European Union, I have to say that it is of recent origin. Before the Formation of European Union , all the countries of EU survived on their own. Even out of European Union, they will survive. There may be some problems for the countries opting out of EU.

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    British voters have voted in favour of Brexit, i.e., British exit from the European Union (EU). That means that in the coming months, British and European leaders will begin negotiating the terms of Britain's departure. Britain's exit will affect the British economy, immigration policy, and many others. It will take years for the full consequences to become clear.
    In the best-case scenario for Britain, it may be able to negotiate access to the European market that isn't that different from what it has now. Norway is also not a member of the EU, but it has agreed to abide by a number of EU rules in exchange of favourable access to the European Common Market.

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