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    Does Quantative aptitude section still have any relevence in compettative exams?

    There is always a section of quantative aptitude in any compettative exam organised for government jobs.
    These days Many coaching institutes prepares students for the competative exams of SSC CGl ,Revenue Officers and lot more What they do is they teach students shortcut tricks for solving problems in quantative aptitude section.
    These students are prepared in such a manner that they can solve these questions in just few seconds even though these students have no knowledge of maths, its concept even things like percentage,average and number system as most of them haven't studied from science stream. But they become expert in solving these questions with the help of few tricks without even knowing how those tricks were derived.
    The sole motto of these institutions and students and institutes is to attempt more and more number of questions and qualify the exam.
    And they get selected wheras the students who are aware of the concept many times prepares by themselves without any hel of coaching institutes and thus uses there conventional methods to solve these question which they studied in school an thus are left behind in this race of attemting the questions in short span of time.
    In many cases they crack exam but they are not able to solve questions that much fast.

    Has any such criteria still relevent with mushrooming coaching institutes?
    Selection of a whole brigade of students from coaching institute with no actual knowlwdge is it any way benificiary for government organisation.
    Does this quantative aptitude section still have any relevency left?
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    Quantitative aptitude tests measure numerical and critical thinking abilities of the candidates. The problems in the test are generally based on arithmetic reasoning, percentage analysis, categorization and quantitative analysis, graph and table reading etc. One related issue is that the students are becoming poorer in numerical abilities due to almost total dependence on electronic calculators etc. However the quantitative aptitude tests are still relevant and are not likely to be abandoned soon. The organizations conducting such tests are not interested in the methodology i.e. whether short cut methods or traditional struggling methods. They are interested in results only. As far as coaching industry is concerned, that is flourishing on the basis of tutoring the art or technique of getting selected.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Through bookish knowledge one may acquire supremacy over the quantitative aptitude test, but that not mean that the candidate is bright and smarter than others. Some times bookish knowledge knowing alone makes the candidate to fail even in personal interviews of the big companies. The recruiters are not interested in your degrees or qualification. They see from which college you have been qualified and what are your other importance. If that is proved in front of them, then the test and the interview would be formal. That is the reason being so children must read news papers, general knowledge books and also watch television news regularly.
    K Mohan
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