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    Are the traffic rules for the public only and not for the police personnel?

    A message is posted on Whatsapp by a friend of mine about this topic. He is absolutely correct. From what I observed on the roads of my hometown and other places to which I happened to go, the police are not following the traffic rules. I have seen many police personnel driving their vehicles on the wrong side of the road as well as on roads with one way traffic. The Traffic Police many a times stop their vehicles in the center of the road to control traffic. They stop their bikes at junctions and chit chat with police on duty. The siren of the Police Vehicles is used as a regular horn. The police very religiously stop the two wheeler drivers for not wearing helmet and collect fines. The officer collecting the fines and the constables helping him never wear a helmet. The Police are keepers of Law and Order, Traffic. They themselves do not follow the rules. What are your observations regarding this?
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    Traffic rules has not been made by police personnel. SO it should be apply for every person who is on the road, whether a common man, police person, or a politician or minister. But when a traffic police break all those rules, no body dare to ask them any question, as we have a pro verb ( RAKSHAK bana BHAKSHAK)
    They think they are the supreme power to control these rules, so they do wrong side driving, do not wear helmet and for the same mistake they charge fine to common man. Even I have seen many times there are three police men in bike which is not allowed as per the rule.

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    Policemen are also human beings. They know better than a common man that in the prevailing scenario, it is impractical to implement the rules strictly. Such situations develop due to corruption. The law makers i.e. the elected representatives themselves maintain relationships with the criminals. The main source of extra income of traffic policemen are the commercial vehicles. When the whole system is corrupted, then they don't have any kind of fear about flouting the rules. Not only in traffic rules violations, sometimes we come across news about few policemen being caught in heinous crimes like murders, robbery and rapes etc. also.
    Many crimes takes place within the confines of police stations as no evidence or witness comes forward in such cases. During police interrogation, few individuals die also which is known as custody deaths.
    There is no justification for policemen committing either crimes or flouting traffic rules. But who will punish them?

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    The post reminded me of a video I had seen lately, in which the transport minister was issuing a fine challan to two lady traffic constables who were riding without helmets.

    But I feel that we are basing this question on the assumption that all traffic personnel do not abide traffic rules. Its similar to saying that politics is bad as most of the politicians we see are corrupt.
    Most of the videos and clippings that are propagated, depict inept officials. These show exceptions from the norm. Its really hard to find videos of exemplary traffic personnel. That doesnt mean that all personnel are bad. There are many sincere, incorrupt and law abiding traffic personnel. Some of them are animal lovers too !

    I completely agree that traffic policemen are our law keepers. They are our role models when it comes to matters related to traffic laws. But stating that people won't follow the rules when they see the traffic personnel flouting the same, is a lame excuse. It's similar to the impact the 'injurious to health' tagline has on smokers. A person who doesn't believe in the side effects of smoking will still continue to smoke regardless of the tagline being present.

    Aren't these rules made for us?
    Abidence of traffic rules have a direct impact on our safety. Why should we wait for someone to lead us by example? Shouldn't following rules be our habit? A responsible individual who understands and believes in the importance of abiding traffic laws, will surely abide the rules regardless of the traffic personnel.

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    I am totally agreeing with the author. When rules are made it must be followed by every one in this country and police personnel are not exception. In Hyderabad we have the option to capture the violators of traffic even by police personnel and send the images to a concerned mobile number through whats app and then the police would be charged with challan. So instead of complaining about the law enforcing agencies not following the traffic rules, it is better to click the photos and even share them in the social network and news papers so that they get ashamed over their appearance in public and mend their ways. This is the only way to correct them.
    K Mohan
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    My observation is not based on any assumption. It is from my observation of the situation prevailing not only at my hometown but at many places. Anything we say or write is of general nature only. There will be law abiding people and law breaking people. As long as law abiding people outnumber the law breaking people, the society is peaceful.
    The people abiding by the traffic rules is altogether a separate issue and can be discussed in a different thread. Let us for the present confine to the topic under discussion. You are referring to a video where in a Minister is shown handing over challan to two erring women constables.Can this solve the problem of indiscipline among policemen regarding traffic rules? I invite you to my hometown so that I can show you what I expressed here.
    There will be always good and incorruptible persons and bad personnel in any department. Police Department is no exception to this. No where I expressed that people won't follow the rules when they see the traffic personnel flouting the same. It is your assumption only. The people do not have courage to question a policeman. I do not know where you live but from your write up it seems that all the police personnel in your area are angles. If it is so, it is good for the country.

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    I am responding fully accepting that the thread author has only put for academic discussion and not from any assumption and not unnecessary blaming anyone.
    There are two issues coming from the thread:
    1. Some Traffic police personnel themselves do not follow traffic rules:
    2. If the law enforcing personnel do not follow rules will not demoralise general public and encourage them also to flout rules.
    Let me take each separately.

    1. It is a fact that many police personnel themselves deviate from complying the rules they try to enforce. Theoretically and ideally that is wrong and offense by itself. But let us think in detail. However in comparison to the yeoman service they do, small aberrations may be condoned if not done deliberately and defiantly. A traffic constable is put to lot of hardship with all smoke and dust he inhales, the long hours of duty and with no proper protection in sun or shine. To be really frank and truthful, a traffic constable stands fully risking his life and health. Compared to all this, deviation made by them is very negligible. When there is a traffic jam a traffic constable may have to come riding his bike in wrong side to clear the traffic as there is no clearance in the right side. That need not be taken as violation. It is for doing good only. Sometimes a traffic constable has to shout, gesture and even threaten , as the general public is growing more and more impatient, disobedient to rules now a days.

    I agree that those who are supposed to implement and monitor rules are also sometimes committing breaches. But the social media now a days exposes them. But let it not be to such an extent as to demoralise them. But even the traffic personnel, when they travel as private citizen do obey all traffic rules themselves.
    The wrong doers should be brought to book by vigilant public if there is any deliberate breach of rules by the traffic police themselves.

    2. Just because someone disobeys rules, that does not give blanket permission for us to disobey rules. A doctor may advise us against smoking and he himself may be smoking. But does i mean that doctor does not have a right to tell us to stop smoking?

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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