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    " People can be fooled all the time"

    "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time". This quote is attributed to Abraham Lincoln. I find this not to be correct in the present day. The political parties and their candidates promise heaven to all the people during election time. After the elections are over they remain loyal to the party but not to the people who elected them. This is the general scenario. The elected representatives may not remain loyal to the party also and may defect to another party for the good of the people. We the public, as a truthful citizens, go to the polling booth and cast our vote. We know pretty well that we are going to be fooled and yet we vote for some party or some one we want to.
    The Shopping Malls conduct "Mega Sales" offering mega discounts. We flock to the malls and purchase the items. We know pretty well that the mega sale is to dispose off unsold items. We also know that the discounts are offered after the labels are tampered to higher rates. In this manner in many situations we allow ourselves to be fooled for ever. There may be few wise people who do not get fooled all the time. Do you think that we are being fooled forever or fooled for some time or not fooled at all?
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    Abraham Lincoln's statement is not that much incorrect also. During the general elections of 2015 in India there were about 81.5 crore eligible voters out of which about two third cast their vote. If we treat that the voters were fooled, then about 54.3 crores people were fooled for only 5 years. Thus it appears true that 'one cannot fool all the people all the time'.
    Originally, the God's creation doesn't envisaged either education or democracy. Humans had to depend on their physical bodies only. They used to venture in the wild forests and put their lives at risk in hunting wild animals to arrange for food. Civilizations etc. is man made only. Now the humans themselves have become predators and at the same time they are prey also. The mightier one wearing white 'khadi' hunt for the gullible others.
    Perhaps there is no other option left than to allow ourselves to get cheated and derive some benefit in this manner in the form of collecting freebies during election time.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do agree that people can be fooled at all times because of one strong reason. That we have the habit of following the herds. Suppose in a colony of so many homes, if there is a talk to vote a particular candidate and decided to elect them, then the entire colony members shall vote for him. Here what happens that the candidate "Purchase" the President of the colony and influence him to vote for him and thus the members of the colony follows. Like wise if one of the neighbor has made purchases in a shopping mall with heavy discount , soon the matter goes to every house hold in the colony, and every one tries to go and purchase there. In Hyderabad there is a grace for buying sarees going on now. Every shop is offering sarees in Kgs. Same price applies but when we hear the Kg we get the notion that we are buying something more at same cost. That is damn fooling self.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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