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    Why people living in historical and tourist places, wont visit them nor show interest ?

    It is the fact that those who are living in Tirupathi, they wont visit the temple at all and pray the God from the foot hills by seeing the big Srivari Mettu. Why this observation came to mind because, to day I had been to my relative who stays very close to historic Golconda fort which is majestic and very big. But on Inquiring, they never visited the fort so far as they lived nearly for 12 years now. Is that lack of interest or is there no one to tell them the importance of such historical place in the city and they missed it ?
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    Yes, it is true that many people keep on postponing visiting local sight seeing spots on the pretext that since they are residing in the same city, they will visit any time in future. As the saying goes it is treated like 'ghar ki murgi dal barabar' (self possessions are always undermined and other's possessions always seem better).
    Another aspect of the issue concerned is that when an individual resides at a famous tourist place like Agra, Delhi, Mumbai etc. then so many relatives visit that place for sight seeing and often it becomes necessary for the host to accompany them especially in case of very close relatives. Thus they are compelled to visit the same historical monuments many times. Generally visiting sight seeing places in groups makes it more pleasurable and satisfying than visiting on one's own.

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