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    Will the online activities be dominated by the females in future?

    I have observed that the females are gradually taking over online activities as the same suits them more. An housewife can always find time to perform online activities few hours a day at the time slot most convenient to her provided there is will and determination to do so. Many non-working educated women were finding it suffocating to idle away time at home and had always aspired to do something productive and earn too in the process. Online content writing has provided them a window to enter the wonderful world of learning and earning.
    Will the online activities be dominated by the females in future?
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    It can happen since there are a hundred opportunities to earn online today. Housewives who are busy raising their kids when they are small tend to get lonely and bored when kids join school. There were not many options for them a few decades back. But, since the advent of the internet, there is no lack of it. So women try to polish their skills and exhibit them through the online world. They can kill their boredom and earn in the process ,as well. So I think more and more women would do it, since online work offers flexible timings and what women need is that too, since they have to juggle between household work and looking after kids.

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    Working online is a constructing activity in contrast to idling away time in gossiping with neighbor or watching family melodrama on the television.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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