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    Haunted place in Delhi: Malcha Mahal

    Malcha Mahal is situated right next to Delhi Earth Station on the Bistdari Road in Delhi Ridge. It is the restricted part of the forest behind the Buddha Jyanti Park, popularly known as Buddha Garden. The palace is really scary! Malcha Mahal is also known as Bistdari Mahal. Begum Wilayat Mahal, the great granddaughter of Nawab of Oudh was given this place along with her children Prince Riaz and Princess Sakina by the Government after her protest/representation for the return of her properties spread all over the country. Begum Wilayat Mahal committed suicide by drinking crushed diamonds. Her body was lying on her study desk for 10 days and her kids were mourning in grief. The night before Prince Riaz buried her, both her kids slept with her dead body. Since her mother's death, Princess Sakina wore only black coloured dress.

    So, tourists and Delhi-ites who roam around Buddha Garden during evening and night, beware!
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    Well for many atheists such stories are not believable and they just set aside such thinking. But it is the fact that those who die before their desires are not met, they do roam in that area till their original death period ends. So I think by now the Kings era would have already completed and we are now in modern era with so many years have passed. In this situation fearing a ghost or of a haunted place does not arise. Moreover when there is no habitat for long time , that particular place seems to be scary and that should not be taken as the reason for being a haunted place. If the government makes cleaning and maintaining the area, surely normalcy would restore.
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