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    I was a cute little mango-my jouney to salvation

    (This entry gets the consolation prize for the 'Me, a mango' creative writing contest)

    I am a mango, said my mother branch. I am just beginning my life, hanging on my mom`s neck. she covers me and most of my brothers with leaves to hide all of us from people. We need to stay on her neck she says till we grow and ripe completely. That adds to our real taste and the pleasure we give to those who eat us, is our salvation or Moksha.
    I, am growing constantly, and now the leaves cannot hide me. I can see small children looking at me with tempted eyes and I really feel proud of being so much wanted. But, while I love to see those greedy eyes watching me every day, my mother branch tries her best to hide me behind the leaves.
    Today is a bright sunny day and I am peeping out as a proud prince. I shake away the leaves easily now as I am fat little mango. Some of my brothers have grown much bigger and they happily hang out. I am still a small one and waiting for the day eagerly to be as large or larger than my brothers. Then probably we get a reddish yellow colour. Oh my! I think how beautiful I would look. That is why we are the king of fruits.
    Ouch, what was that? It hurt me straight on my head. Before I could understand, I got an another one. Oops, these kids are throwing those big stones on us. But, I am still a small green mango. oh, my brothers are falling down. I am scared. One more hit and down I fell tumbling over the dry leaves. Why did they take me off so soon. Am I useful to them in this stage too I wondered. They kept me in a bag and took home. I heard them discuss," keep aside the small ones, we can slice them n dry them out in the sun. The bigger ones are good for making AAM PANAA, a sweet and sour drink to beat the heat". Aww, how I wish I was behind those leaves with which my mom kept me covered. Now, I won`t ever ripe but die out immature. I became really sad. That night they kept us the small ones in a cold compartment called refrigerator. I did not sleep at all thinking probably it was the last night for me.
    I was badly scared to be cut open. The next day, they took away all my companions, but I was left behind. I hid myself under a tomato and a bottle guard. Guessed, I was lucky, these people did not notice me. A couple of days passed, and no one took a notice of me. The tomatoes were gone and so were the other veggies. Now, I had new companions a squash and some lady fingers. I told them how I had a great escape. They just smiled. More days kept passing. Now, I am not growing anymore as I thought. I am same in size, but have wrinkles over my skin. I am aging oh god, why so soon. The other veggies told me all my brothers had attained salvation in different forms. Some were eaten after being dried or added to veggies, or used in drinks. But, me, the poor thing left behind.
    I prayed the almighty to have mercy on me so that the cook could grab me out the fridge before i was of no use. The next day, a huge hand took me out of the fridge. I felt happy and glad." This is disgusting", I heard. "How it left behind, it would be rotten soon. Throw it". Oh no, please cut me, grind me do something. Don't throw me. I cried, when I heard an old trembling voice," give that here. throwing is easy for your generation. learn to make use of it". And this old lady cut me open, added lots of salt and chilli powder and chat masala over me. I felt frozen when she took me closer to her mouth and took my bite. last I heard was "wow, mangoes are always good, any shape, any size, any taste." Hence, I attained Moksha. I fulfilled the aim of my life to satisfy others, and I am happy I did it at so young age.
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    The life journey of a little mango is told in the simple and most understandable way. From this we can understand that for every living thing there is a definite end one day or the other and the fruits are no exception.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Dear Mr. K. Mohan
    Thank you for your response. Yes, the story I narrated here is somehow related to me or we can say most of the girls. They are born at a place with the standard to die at another place and think about how much happiness and pleasure they have spread in the lives of others.

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