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    Where is India heading to ?

    I was writing about Farmer's suicide today, when a thought crossed my mind. In which direction is our country heading towards ?

    Due to rising demands, things that were once said to be luxury have become more of a need for the new/ moderate society, things like smartphones, Tv's, internet. Farmer's have families too and families have desires which they are bound to fulfill being a provider. So to fulfill those needs a farmer has to take a loan because income from the farm is meager. As income is less and sometimes due to natural calamity he is not able to pay the debt and it keeps on bundling up and up. I am not writing something like I have read the reports or watched news channels for it. I have seen this situation Live.

    Farmers are our lifelines, without them we won't have cheap grains because then we would have to import and it will cost.
    I don't remember exactly the numbers but the current government settled thousand crores of corporate loans to keep them afloat. But when it comes to settling farmer's loans the government just don't have enough funds.
    So corporate are more important than farmers ? Is this the new direction our so called republic is heading towards ? This is a clear sign that we are becoming like USA who does not give a dime about its citizens.

    I am not talking about some acche din or something but is this what we are OK with ?

    What are your thoughts ? You find any mistaken data in my quote, do correct me.
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    I do agree with the author that suicide of farmers are increasing and the concerned state or central government failed to address this core issue so far. PM Modi must conduct all Chief Ministers meeting and chalk out program on how to tackle the farmers woes. My best advise is to create a National corpus for the farmers and in which substantial amount be kept to address the farmers woes. Like we have National disaster management fund, we must also have National Farmer welfare fund so that those farmers who are identified by the respective district collectors would be eligible for the amount to the extent of his loss and thus a new life can be guaranteed to the farmers. In fact the Central government can even go one step ahead to charge some cess charges from the general public to my suggestion of NFWF so that there would not be crunch for the funds.
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    I completely agree with you. Farmers are the backbone of this country. Their welfare is our welfare. The Government is taking measures to solve their problems and help them but these measures are not sufficient. The Government has to take as much care as it is taking about the industry. Industry may give us jobs and help us to make a living but who is going to produce the food we require? It is the farmer and their problems need far more attention by the Government than what it is doing now.
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    What a remark about India 'becoming like USA who does not give a dime about its citizens', though many Indians dream to migrate to US in any case and at any cost for earning money and living a decent life.
    There are a number of social welfare programs designed to aid the needy citizens operational in USA. The Government helps needy citizens by providing food, shelter, education, healthcare and money. There are pensions for eligible persons, subsidies for housing, subsidies of college education, unemployment disability insurance, health insurance programs that cover public employees and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.
    Regarding the situation in India, many farmers are selling land to the builders and wearing designer clothes. Their children are not interested in agricultural activities and joining colleges for pursuing B.Tech. and MBA degrees. With the increase in population, the land holding is getting divided. Many have become eligible for various welfare programs and therefore idling away their time.

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