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    Some flowers are unique and we are ignorant of them

    I went to Lakshminarayana Swamy temple in Sainikpuri area and chanced upon to see a flower which attracted me and even other devotees. It is called Nagamalli. That means it looks like five or six head snake called Naga Devatha and it smells like jasmine called Malli. This temple complex also has the Shiva temple. So this plant is catering to the need of service to the God. By the way there could be many such flowers which we may not know and still have their importance in occupying prime position during festivities in temples. Can you name other flowers than the general ones ?
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    Here is the image of this great flower I am sharing for your information :
    K Mohan
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    In the state of Uttarakhand there is a Valley of Flowers National Park. The park remains open only during summer season from June to October and rest of the period it remains covered with heavy snow. All flower lovers must visit the valley to see a wonderful world of flowers. There are about 500 varieties of flowering plants, the orchids, poppies, primulas, marigold, daisies and anemones being the most common.
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    There is something known as screwpine. Its tender leaf is known as Thazhambu(in Tamil). It has good fragrance. It is a bridal decorative piece. Perfumes are made out of this excellent item. It is not offered to the great deities like Siva & Vishnu.

    A story to believe: Lord Brahma and Vishnu challenged to see the head and feet of great Lord Shiva whose head and feet cannot be seen. Brahma was to see the head and Vishnu was to see the feet. (At that time 'Thazhambu' was used to decorate Lord Shiva's head, and was also used to perform poojas) Vishnu turned himself as a Pig and dug the ground to see the feet of shiva, and succeeded in his attempt. Brahma could not reach to see Shiva's head. Fortunately or unfortunately Thazhambu was coming down from Shiva's head. On sighting Thazhambu, Brahma requested Thazhambu to stand as a witness to say that Brahma has seen the head of Shiva. Thazhambu agreed and said the same to Shiva and Vishnu. Lord Shiva got annoyed and cursed 'Thazhambu' saying that Thazhambu will not have any place in his temple as well Vishnu temples and branded it as a lier.

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    Thank you for introducing this flower sir. I have seen a flower which is shaped like a nag ling. Maybe it is related to this flower. I forgot the name of the flower.

    Another rare flower is the NISHAGANDHI which flowers during night and spreads an enchanting smell.

    we have the champak tree and it is now flowering but unfortunately, the flower smell gives me a headache.

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