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    TS is the first state to start web option selection for Degree admissions.

    We all know that TS government is very successful in handling the Engineering and Medical seats through web counseling and now it has also started selecting candidates for various degree courses through web option selection. This move is really a boon to the parents and also the students, as fees structure are much controlled by the government and the student is benefited to get admission to his choice of college of preference. I suggest that Inter and school admissions to private college and schools also be regulated this way to stop looting of huge fees.
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    This is a welcome news and new information for me. I support the effort of the Telengana Government because I think that this would bring transparency in the Engineering, Medical and under-Graduate admission process within the State.
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    Yes. TS has started online admissions for degree students. It is a good news for parents, students and also especially for colleges not for reducing the burden (like paper work and all) but to grab all the details of students and applying for admission with student details for a high tuition fee which is around 15-30K per year (excluding examination fee). This is one scenario which I read in the News paper.

    However, all last the student should report in the college to confirm his admission.

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    It is not clear to me as to how this system will affect the fee to be paid by the students. In Government colleges and Government aided colleges the fee is fixed by the Government. However in case of self financed private college, the fee is fixed by the management as the colleges have to incur full expenditure of running the college including the salary of the faculty, infrastructure maintenance/development and such other costs.
    The only difference which is likely to be controlled is the auction of seats by the college management to high capitation fee paying students/parents. The very purpose of introducing NEET by the central Government was the same only though there was vehement resistance from the state Governments.
    There is a nexus and big racket behind such gimmicks. It is rumored that the non-merit medical seats for MBBS course cost anything 50 lakh upward.

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    Kailash, in Telangana, the recognized private colleges are brought under one roof and allotted admissions and the part of fees are reimbursed by the government and fee also fixed by the government based on infra and lab facilities.
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