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    I am the Wisdom fruit, a special Mango in the universe

    I am the Wisdom fruit, a special Mango in this universe.

    When Narada came down to earth, he was in search of a wonderful fruit to play his act in the heaven. I was the only fruit hanging on top of a tree. No one was reachable to me to take me out from the tree. But Narada was standing under me and was glancing at me. I looked at Narada and said,"Hello Narada, Namaste, How are you? What is your purpose of your visit to earth? Narada said,"I am in search of something worth that it can be remembered forever by the people in this universe. " I said,"Don't you find me worth? I am the fruit of wisdom or wisdom fruit. My name is Panchavarnam(five colours). I am a special creation by all the five powerful elements (land; sky; fire; water; and air).

    Narada felt happy and held his palms. I got released from the tree and reached the hands of Narada. He reached heaven and sought the permission of Lord Siva who was with his beloved Parvathi and lovely sons Vinayaka and Karthikeya. Lord Siva permitted him and asked,"Narada, what is your game plan for the day. Narada said,"My lord, I wish to gift you a fruit which is a wisdom fruit. I think it will be very useful to the universe if you eat it." Shiva consulted with Parvathi and said,"Narada, it won't be proper for me to eat the fruit. I wish our younger generation to eat the fruit for the betterment of universe. I like Vinayak and Karthikeya to share the wisdom fruit." Narada said,"No..No..No.. this wisdom fruit cannot be shared. It can be eaten only by one." Siva said,"Narada, you decide yourself who should take the fruit among my sons."

    Narada suggested a competition between his sons. He said," Whosoever comes round the world first would be given this wisdom fruit." It was agreed. Lord Karthikeya, took off in his vehicle peacock to come around the world fast and first. Vinayaka with a big tummy was blinking. Narada gave him an indication to come around his parents Siva and Parvathi. He did it and got me in his hand. When Karthikeya reached, he could see me in the hand of Vinayaka. He got annoyed and called it as injustice and favouritism to Vinayaka.

    Vinayaka did not eat me . He kept me in his hand for everyone in the universe to see me and get wisdom by having a sight at me.

    I wish you all to visit the temple of Lord Vinayaka to have a look at me

    @ This is my entry for the Me. a Mango contest.
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    A brilliant story from Mr. Sun which traces the origin of this special fruit from mythology. I have thoroughly enjoyed the story.
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