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    Training the future generations is very important in today’s world

    Parents need to train y(our) children properly. This generation mainly depends on digital world to know anything but fails to follow small things (discipline matters). Suppose if a child run around in the temple then automatically mother shouts by calling his/her name and runs along with the children. Children should be trained in two aspects. One is discipline and the other is Studies (Give your guidance to study well). Parents should give proper training to the next generation in these two aspects but fail to follow which is very crucial to get them into brighter world.
    In this regard we can say that, in a good building we have a sound foundation. Foundation never seen after it has been built. It goes down (to the ground) and hold up structure only.

    Members, what do you feel in this thought.
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    It depends primarily on the type of training the parents had themselves received during their childhood from their own parents. Generally it is said that the role of father is to let the child understand the importance and significance of discipline. But in case the father himself was not imparted proper training, then how it can be expected from him to train his own child. I have seen many cases particularly in materialistic societies that the fathers themselves spoil their children. They teach the child to hit back, in case anyone teases him/her.
    The parents should be role models of their children. Instead of preaching they themselves should conduct themselves the way they want their children to be. Preaching alone never works.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    HAHA! I agree with you. It has been said many a times by now sarcastically- this generation is filled with smart phones and stupid people.
    I don't think it's anyone's fault. It is basically due to lack of time and our business that keep us away from our wards. There was a time when parents used to take their children to their grandparent's house,for comforting and educating the children.But today all we can do to comfort a child is to hand him over a smart phone with tonnes of games and apps in it.
    Are we doing it in a right way? I guess not. Like this,neither morals nor intelligence will reach the progeny.

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    Of course, children should be trained on discipline and manners when they are young at age. As they grow up, they don't listen and also training them at that point becomes difficult. They should be taught on how to behave in the society and how to behave with elders. Some children won't have respect to any elders and sometimes, I have seen children using slangs. But parents laugh at that moment. Such act will encourage children and they will not know their mistake and continue doing the same. Parents should follow good practices and a child will learn what they parents are practising. If parents are not well behaved, then child will learn the same thing.

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