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    Do married couples have higher social status?

    Is it about the social status of a common man within his own social circle. The social status by virtue of having powerful position doesn't apply in the subject matter under discussion. Many chronic bachelors and spinsters like Atal Bihari Bajpayee, Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati, Mamta Banerjee have very high status, but because of their high position only.
    I have noticed that when the couples visit some wedding functions etc., they get better welcome and treatment compared to the cases, when the individuals visit alone. Have you also noticed this trend in the society.
    What may be the possible reasons for the same.
    Do married couples have higher social status?
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    No No No. It is not their marital status that decides the social status but the financial status that matters in a society. A bachelor boy or a girl from a highly well to do family will be treated as a special guest. Money matters, not the pairs.
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    No, there is no relationship between marital status and social status. I will quote the examples of APJ Abdul Kalam, Atal Bihari Bajpai or Narendra Modi to substantiate my point. These two are totally different issues.
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    Higher social status doesn't depend on marital status at all. There are individual who have a good status. It depends on how the person behaves in the society. Also as Mr Sun said, it depends on financial status of a person and also his position.

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    Married persons are more acceptable in the society than the singles. Whatever may be the reason, bachelors and spinsters do not get invited to many family functions. Bachelors are looked upon with suspicion. The house owners hesitate to give room or house on rent to single persons. If a single person goes on a pilgrimage, the Devasthanams do not give room to them in their choultries or guest houses. There are innumerable difficulties for single persons and they dont get the equal status of a married couple.
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    I have noticed it. When a married couple go for a wedding, in our country, the ladies gather together and the menfolk in another group. A single males or a single female is not given that much of a warm welcome.

    Money does matter and those with power and position are given their due but when it comes to having fun and happiness, a married couple do get to mingle more easily than a single person.

    It may depend on the society involved and I am not knowledgeable about the northern or est and west parts of our country but it does hold true for south India.

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    K.V.Raghava Rao caught the point.
    Partha (#569078) - I had made it clear in the thread itself that 'the social status by virtue of having powerful position doesn't apply in the subject matter under discussion'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well, that is the truth as far as Indian society is concerned. Married people get special treatment compared to the singles.

    That could have the background in the kind of point of view we have for the bachelors. Bachelors are always looked down upon when it comes to the question of letting them do something responsible. It has been treated as if they are irresponsible to the daily chores of life.

    Sadly enough, that is the truth even when there could be some exemptions.

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    It's all human psychology basically. Once you are married,it shows your ability to endure pain in life.
    Well it shows your commitment towards work and determination too.
    So it's quite natural for people to assume that married men are responsible.
    That maybe the reason for better treatment of couples.

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